New patient examination including necessary xrays£25
Emergency including necessary xrays and urgent treatment to relieve pain£80
Diamond Clean Hygiene (30min Hygienist treatment)£55
Diamond Clean Plus (40min Hygienist treatment and stainremoval)£99
Rootcanals(from) £340
Rootcanals with specialist(from) £450
Consultation for Smile makeover including intial xraysFree
Ceramic Crown£490
Ceramic Veneer£490
Ceramic Onlay/Inlay£490
Ceramic Crown with specialist£650
Ceramic Veneer with specialist£650
Ceramic Onlay/Inlay with specialist£650
Ceramic Crown (including same day crown)£750
Ceramic Veneer (including same day veneer)£750
Ceramic Onlay/Inlay (including same day onlay/inlay)£750
Partial Upper or Lower 1 -3£350
Partial Upper or Lower 4 -7£550
Full Upper or Lower£800
Denture with specialist(from) £600
Extraction/tooth removal(from) £80
Extraction/tooth removal with specialist(from) £200
Wisdomtooth removal(from) £80
Consultation for Implants including intial xraysFree
Implant Premium Brand without crown£750
Implant Premium Brand with crown£1400 (Usual Price £1800)
Implant supported denture using Premium Brand implants£3990 (Usual Price £7200)
Implant supported 3 unit bridge using Premium Brand implants£3450 (Usual Price £4250)
All-on-4/Teeth now/ Fixed full arch implant reconstruction of failing dentition, implant placement fixed bridge with 10 final teeth using Premium Brand implants£6990 (Usual Price £12900)
Consultation for Invisalign including ScanFree
Invisalign: Upper and lower teeth£1500 to 1995 (Usual Price £3000-3990)
Fixed Appliances- Metal- Upper and lower teeth- Child£1990
Fixed Appliances – ceramics- Upper and lower teeth – child£2290
Fixed Appliances – Metal – Upper and lower teeth – Adult£2690
Fixed Appliances – ceramics – Upper and lower teeth – adult£2990
Home Whitening Optident Brand£179 (Usual Price £250)
Whitening Enlighten Brand (shade guaranteed)£430 (Usual Price £590)
Periodontist consultation including xrays (1 hour)£160
Periodontal treatment per session (Scaling and root planning per quadrant)(from) £120
Periodontal Review£180
Banning Dental Wellness Plan with Personal Training£250
Sedation Intravenous£250
For more detailed pricelist for specialist treatments and when referring patients to us, please contact us

For Skin Clinique please refer to the website link