Corporate Social Responsibility CRS

At Banning Dental, we take our responsibility as corporate citizens seriously.

As well as policies and commitments that support people and the environment, we do this through investing time and money to create opportunities to good causes locally and globally.

What we do

Our commitment

As a dental group we, we're committed to preventative oral care. We promote, stimulate and encourage our patients to take necessary steps to prevent oral health issues and work with the entire health team to identify risk factors to general disease and illnesses.

We are committed to minimising our impact on the environment, and to running a sustainable business. Carbon emissions are offset as we believe in working to improve quality of life for people near and far. Smile by smile and generation by generation. Our practice prohibits use of mercury fillings, known as amalgam or silver fillings.

The Group aims to achieve this by:

The practice, working with its staff and suppliers, will: