£25 examination, free for under 16s when parent/guardian is our patient​
Always complimentary x-ray when needed

£25 new patient examination, free for under 16s when parent/guardian is our patient​.
Always complimentary x-ray when needed



The Banning Home Feeling

Why Choose Us

Banning Dental Group is more than a dentist. It is a positive, happy experience unlike anything you have experienced before.

We wanted a visit to the dentist or hygienist, a process that is usually stigmatized with negative emotions to be fun, calming, enjoyable, affordable and accessible every day of the week.

Our patients’ safety and the sustainability of our practices are our priority. Banning Dental Group is a hypermodern chain of dental practices, putting patient comfort and experience first.

The moment you walk into our practice, you become a part of the Banning family. We believe a visit to the dentist should be joyful and a treat. Improving lives is our business.

Banning Dental Group
Banning Dental Group Team

Friendly, Certified, Professional

The Banning Team

At each Banning Dental Group and Skin Clinique practice, the whole team is there for you, and we make sure your experience is excellent every single time.

We believe that our tailored approach to dentistry and facial aesthetics is unique, and of a calibre which is very hard to find in the UK. We have taken the best dentistry from all around the world and made it available to you. Each of our practices offers a wide range of treatments, by dentists and specialists, all working seamlessly with each other.

We make sure that your needs come first, every step of the way. Everyone deserves a naturally beautiful smile and this must not be cost prohibitive.

As a multidisciplinary group of practices, we can guarantee that you always have access to a network of registered specialists, at affordable prices. Our specialists will keep you fully updated about your patient’s treatment and won’t undertake any further work without your consent. We always refer your patient back to you for their continuing care.

We accept referrals for:
• Orthodontics
• Endodontics
• Periodontics
• Prosthodontics
• Oral surgery
• Dental implants
• Dental sedation

Simply click the link below to refer your patients quickly and securely and we aim to contact your patients within a day. We are open 7 days a week with extended practice opening hours for the convenience of your patients.

Banning Dental Skin Clinique

Beauty Perfected

Banning Skin Clinique

Our skin changes over time. Various factors can affect the natural ageing process, including heredity, sun exposure, and other lifestyle choices. We genuinely understand that beauty comes from within, but sometimes a bit of help can go a long way. We offer a comprehensive range of modern facial aesthetics treatments in our designated treatment rooms.

At Banning Dental Group and Skin Clinique, we believe that a beautiful smile can greatly enhance your facial appearance and vice versa. As experts in facial anatomy, our dentists and specialists intimately understand the proper ratios, complex physiology and skeletal structure of the face.

The Scandinavian approach inspires our treatment philosophy. We provide a less invasive and minimal procedure where possible, to enable the most subtle and natural improvements in the overall appearance that you seek.

When you feel good, you look good.
Banning Dental Skin Clinque Logo
Banning Dental Skin Clinque Logo

Become A Part Of The Banning Family

Banning Academy

We believe in raising the standards of Dentistry in the UK. Our courses are a must for any dentist, young or old, who is motivated in providing high quality dentistry. We offer our delegates the opportunity to gain necessary training at our own training facilities.

Our current implant training course provides a combination of online theory with practical and clinical contact training. We are currently accepting candidates for the Masters level (Level 7) formal PGCert (Dent Imp) qualification accredited by the regulated UK awarding body, EduQual.
Banning Academy
Banning Academy
Banning Academy