Open 7 Days a Week   Open 7 Days a Week

We are open 7 days a week for all dental emergencies.

Pain Relief  Pain Relief

We make sure you leave any problems at the clinic before you leave.

World Class Care   World Class Care

We aim to provide you the best care you require in any situation.

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Emergency Dentist Care at Banning Dental Clinics

Emergency Dentist including treatment for just £80

We know there are times when you need to find an emergency dentist as quickly as possible. A dental emergency is a condition that causes pain, distress or has the potential to worsen if left untreated.

Common reasons to need an urgent dental treatment are:

Experience   Severe Tooth Ache
Experience   Trauma and Accident
Experience   Root Canal Related Pain
Experience   Bleeding or Painful Gums
Experience   Abscess and Infections
Experience   Facial Swelling
Experience   Dental extraction

Don’t suffer in silence with agonising tooth-pain.
Contact us as early as possible for urgent dental care.

Is there an emergency dentist near me?

With clinics all over London and the South East, we are positive that we can handle your emergency dental care swiftly and effectively.

To help decide whether your case is a dental emergency, ask your these questions:

  • Are you in severe pain?
  • Have you lost a tooth?
  • Do you have a loose tooth. Adults should never lose teeth. Tooth loss, even if not painful is a serious problem
  • Do you have swelling or an infection? This can be toxic.
  • Are you bleeding from the mouth?

We know it can be difficult to find an emergency NHS dentist when you need it. This is why we offer affordable emergency care, including treatment for only £80.

We offer same-day emergency appointments for urgent cases. Please phone as early in the day as possible so we can do our best to get you out of pain.

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