Our Fee Guide

If you are looking for a high-quality dentist without breaking the bank, Banning Dental Clinics have an affordable private dentistry solution for you.

Our philosophy is to provide patients access to advanced dental treatment and cosmetic procedures at a cost that is accessible to all. There should be no obstacles for those wishing to improve or maintain their oral health and aesthetics. We go out of our way to offer low cost private dentistry treatments, to bridge the gap between oversubscribed NHS dentists and notoriously expensive private practices.

Thanks to the close working relationship we have with our suppliers and operating highly efficient clinics, we keep our costs down meaning that our savings can be passed on to our patients. With the addition of our own production laboratories and the expertise of our personnel, we can provide specialist procedures in-house without having to outsource or refer onwards to external, often costly clinics.

Our fee guide provides a general indication of our dental care prices. We can provide a more detailed breakdown on request.

affordable private dentistry


New patient examination including necessary xrays £25
Emergency including necessary xrays and urgent treatment to relieve pain £80
Diamond Clean (Ultrasonic Hygienist Cleaning)£70
Diamond Clean PLUS (Hygienist Cleaning and Stainremoval)£120
Small £80
Medium £150
Large £190
Rootcanals (from) £340
Rootcanals with specialist (from) £450
Consultation for Smile makeover including intial xrays Free
Ceramic Crown £490
Ceramic Veneer £490
Ceramic Onlay/Inlay £490
Ceramic Crown with specialist £650
Ceramic Veneer with specialist £650
Ceramic Onlay/Inlay with specialist £650
Ceramic Crown (including same day crown) £750
Ceramic Veneer (including same day veneer) £750
Ceramic Onlay/Inlay (including same day onlay/inlay) £750
Partial Upper or Lower 1 -3 £350
Partial Upper or Lower 4 -7 £550
Full Upper or Lower £800
Denture with specialist (from) £600
Extraction/tooth removal(from) £80
Extraction/tooth removal with specialist(from) £200
Removal of cysts and lesions(from) £300
Consultation for Implants including initial xraysFree
Implant Premium Brand without crown£1000
Implant Premium Brand with crown£1650 (Usual Price £1995)
Implant supported denture on 2-4 implants£3990 (Usual Price £8200)
Implant supported bridge on 2 implants£3450 (Usual Price £5250)
All-on-4/Teeth now/ Fixed full arch bridge, including fixed bridge with 10 final teeth £6990
(Usual Price £13900)
Consultation for Invisalign including ScanFree
Invisalign: Upper AND lower teeth. Including Whitening and Retainers£1500 to 2495 (Usual Price £3990)


Fixed Appliances- Metal- Upper and lower teeth- Child £1990
Fixed Appliances – ceramics- Upper and lower teeth – child £2290
Fixed Appliances – Metal – Upper and lower teeth – Adult £2690
Fixed Appliances – ceramics – Upper and lower teeth – adult £2990
Home Whitening Lumiwhite Brand £239 (Usual Price £350)
Whitening Enlighten Brand (shade guaranteed) £580
Periodontist consultation including xrays (1 hour) £160
Periodontal treatment per session (Scaling and root planning per quadrant) (from) £120
Periodontal Review £180
Banning Dental Wellness Plan with Personal Training £250
Sedation Intravenous £250
Every individual dental case is unique and this is how we like to treat our patients. For a personalised quotation, specific to your needs and requirements, we recommend you speak to us for a FREE consultation.

For a price guide of our Skin Clinique and Facial Aesthetics treatments, please refer to the Skin Clinique page.

For dentists referring patients to us for specialist treatments, please submit your patient details via our Referrals page.