Dental Implants

Advantages of Dental Implants
Dental implants are brilliant products and are marvelled in the dental industry. Unlike many of its predecessors like dentures and dental bridges, they bring on to the table a fresh new approach to tooth loss. Your dentist makes sure your dental implants check these boxes:

    1. Aesthetics
      Dental implants are aesthetically pleasing and natural-looking. They feel like your natural teeth and can give you your smile and self-esteem back.


    1. Functionality
      Not only do they look like real teeth, but they also function like real teeth. Since they fuse to the jaw bone and made to be custom-fit to your jaw, they are comfortable additions to your mouth and make it easier to eat and talk, increasing the quality of life.
      Unlike conventional dentures, they also do not slip and slide or cause bone damage.


    1. Durability
      With dental implants, there is no fear of loosening over time which could be one of the many drawbacks of dentures or bridgeworks.
      Unlike its predecessors (the dentures or bridges), it is a long-lasting and permanent solution to tooth loss and cannot be unscrewed or removed by the patient. As a result of its high success rate, dental implants also work less costly than other treatment options.


    1. Convenience
      They require minimum maintenance as they eliminate the pains of constant cleaning and cleansing of ordinary dentures.
      They can benefit oral health as they are not anchored to other teeth, unlike bridges. Adjacent teeth do not need to be ground down to support these.


    1. Less time consuming
      The apparent benefit of same-day implants is that they can be made the same day. The loading of the crown onto the dental post is done on the same day as a dentist appointment. This saves time and ensures that you will not have to go even a day toothless!


Can anyone get dental implants?
With about 98% success rate advocating for the reliability of this innovative procedure, dentists all over the world make sure to recommend dental implants to the masses as a clear-cut solution to tooth loss. Owing to its incredible functionality and unbeatable aesthetics, the dental implant is your best bet at getting a stunning smile. This is your time to shine with unwavering confidence and beautiful pearly whites! Dental implants work to fit perfectly in your mouth and make sure your functional abilities stay intact. Get your FREE consultation booked with Banning Dental Group today and say goodbye to tooth loss forever!