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Composite Bonding with NPsmile®

Welcome to the new age of smile transformations! Composite Bonding with NPsmile®, is our revolutionary new concept in cosmetic dentistry for bespoke, precise smile makeovers. This technique allows us to make improvements to all manner of aesthetic flaws and can completely transform the aesthetics of your smile.

Thanks to our use of high-grade composite material and digital design technology we can offer long-term results and 100% perfection. Unlike traditional veneers, there is no drilling, grinding, pain or damage caused to your natural teeth. The bonds are custom crafted to sit seamlessly on your existing tooth surface, giving a perfectly formed finish in record time.

How does Composite Bonding work?

Step 1 - Consultation and treatment planning

In this session we will take scans of your teeth and discuss the changes you’d like to make. We invite you to select from our ‘Look Book’ catalogue of smiles to decide the shape, size, colour and design that suit you and together we will create your digital smile design. You can choose any shape or shade of white as you desire.

Step 2 - Trial Smile Appointment

Your follow up in-clinic appointment is to fit your teeth with a temporary ‘trial smile’ based on your digital design. This will give you a realistic impression of how your new teeth will look and the opportunity to make any changes before your final teeth are fitted.

Step 3 - Fitting of teeth

Your natural teeth are etched in preparation to receive the composite bonds. We fit the template created digitally for your new smile onto your teeth, so that the composite material can be injected precisely into place. Once all teeth have been bonded and cured, we add natural features and grooves to the composite.

Step 4 - Review and control

At this appointment, we check your gums and fit any mouthguards or retainers you need. The final touch is to buff and polish for a beautifully brilliant and long-lasting finish.

What we can treat with Composite Bonding?

Treatment Comparison

Banning Other Practices
Treatment led by professional smile designers No smile design process
Design your own smile No smile design process
Includes trial smile fitting No trial smile fitting
No damage to natural teeth May require shaving or filing of your natural teeth
Pain free treatment Unpredictable results
Digital precision No precision due to freehand application
High durability and stain resistant material Poor quality material results in increased risk of chipping
Total smile makeovers Teeth appear unnatural and fake
Flexible finance packages Inability to floss between teeth due to poor shaping

Price Structure

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Why Choose Us

Design your own smile!

The beauty of Composite Bonding at Banning Dental is that our unique NPsmile® technique allows you to choose the exact characteristics of your new smile. We work closely with you to select a design that fits your smile and will show you the design before we start.

Unlike other UK clinics, we don’t have different prices for edge bonding or composite veneers. We also include the design service at no cost. We will do what is necessary to achieve the best result, irrespective of your spending.

Trial Smile

Another unique feature of NPsmile® is that we create a mock-up of your new teeth so you can try on your smile in real life before the final fitting. Imagine a test drive and an opportunity to customise your smile to the minorst details. 

No pain. No prep.

Unlike traditional veneers, there is no invasive dental work involved with our composite bonding.

There’s no drilling or grinding, no pain and no damage caused to your natural teeth. The bonds are custom-crafted to sit seamlessly on your existing tooth surface, giving a perfectly formed finish in record time. 

Our composite bonding is reversible and doesn’t chip on its own. 


Over 3000 five-star Google Reviews


Composite bonding is a highly versatile treatment that allows us to correct a wide range of cosmetic flaws with precision in record time. There is no pain involved in treatment and no damage caused to your natural teeth, making it completely reversible should you choose to have them removed in the future.

The application of composite bonds using our NPsmile® technique can be done in one visit, so you can leave the clinic with a brand-new smile in a matter of hours. The other appointments is for your benefit to design and try in your new smile.

Unlike our natural teeth, composite bonds do not take to whitening treatment as the material is non-porous. This is why as part of our treatment package we include whitening prior to bonding, so that your new bonds can be colour matched to your newly whitened natural teeth.

With careful and consistent oral health practices, we expect our NPsmile® composite bonding to last up to 10 years or more. By this time it could be worth making some cosmetic corrections to restore their original glory.

We recommend that you see a hygienist to review your gums and polish the bonding and your normal teeth from time to time.

Depending on the corrections you wish to make to your teeth, there are a number of alternatives to Composite Bonding. For a complete smile makeover, Porcelain veneers are an option, but they will require some filing of your natural teeth making this a permanent, non-reversible treatment. If you are looking to fix gaps or crooked teeth, you could consider Invisalign but you will need to commit to a much longer treatment plan. If you are simply looking to improve the colour of your teeth without any other corrections then of course whitening could be a suitable alternative.

We have treated 1000’s of patients and have come to master a technique which allows our patients to be involved in designing and trialling their new smile before the composite bonding in permanently fitted. We also use a scientifically well researched composite material for this purpose. This material has superior strength to other composites as well as optimal aesthetic benefits. Our Smile Designers are dentists who have been specially trained to provide this treatment and using the protocol of our registered trademark which we call NPsmile. NP stands for No Prep, No Pain.



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