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Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment at Banning Dental Clinics

At Banning Dental Group, we are delighted to offer our patients orthodontic treatment in-house without the need for outside referrals.

An orthodontist specialises in the alignment of teeth. Our orthodontists can help you with the following common issues:

Experience   Overbite
Experience   Underbite
Experience   Crooked Teeth
Experience   Teeth Straightening
Experience   Braces
Experience   Comprehensive dental corrections

Braces for all faces

After an in-depth assessment of your needs, our specialists will suggest an orthodontic treatment plan which may require the use of braces. The good news is that there are now a wide variety of modern braces to choose from, which are a far cry from the ‘metal mouth’ braces of the past.

Clear Ceramic Braces

Ceramic braces are a discreet option thanks to the use of tooth-coloured brackets with matching or transparent wires. These braces are designed to blend seamlessly with your smile, lessening their impact on your overall appearance.

Your orthodontist will bond the ceramic brackets to the front surface of your teeth. Throughout the treatment, the ceramic braces will gently pull your teeth into the desired position.

At each of your regular progress checks, your dentist will make small adjustments to your braces, tightening the wires to encourage your teeth to continue moving until you reach your goal.

clear ceramic braces

Metal Braces

The world of metal braces has changed. Modern design brackets are smaller and more discreet than the old school traditional ‘train tracks’ of yester-year. Furthermore, new heat-activated archwires use your body heat to help teeth move more quickly and less painfully than in the past.

Find out more about our orthodontic treatments by speaking to one of our practice coordinators.

Metal braces

Incognito or Lingual Braces

Many patients, adults in particular are self-conscious of wearing metal braces. As the name suggests, lingual / incognito braces are hidden from the front surface of your teeth. Braces don’t need to be visible to be effective.

At Banning Dental Group, we are proud to offer Incognito™ Hidden Lingual Braces, which sit behind your teeth, rendering them almost invisible.

Our Incognito braces are similar in form to the traditional metal bracket and wire brace, except that they are bonded to the rear surface.

Over time, your orthodontic specialist will tighten the wires, applying gentle pressure to the teeth to encourage them to move into the desired position.

Incognito braces

Insignia Braces

At Banning Dental Group, we are committed to using the most advanced technology as standard in our orthodontic treatment. We offer Insignia braces as an advanced alternative to other types of braces. Using 3D technology, Insignia braces can be custom designed for you, allowing you to see what your smile will look like before treatment even starts.

Insignia braces

Why Is Banning Dental Group The Number 1 Choice for Orthodontic Treatment?

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