Black Triangles

The dreaded ‘black triangles’ between teeth

If someone says to you ‘black triangles,’ what does it make you think of? What is the first thing that springs to mind?

This term can conjure up all sorts of associations and meanings. Since we are dentists, it’s safe to say we are not referring to the faceless soldiers from Squid Game, symbolised by one of 3 iconic black shapes. However, the curse of the black triangles can have an equally dramatic effect on facial aesthetics since they affect the appearance of your teeth.

Black Triangles, or Gingival Embrasures as they are clinically known, is the term to describe the dark spaces that appear between the teeth, casting a crooked, witchy look on our smile. You may have been blissfully unaware of such a condition for most of your life, but as you age it’s more likely that these formations occur. Don’t feel surprised that they may have just crept up on you. It’s not something that you will have noticed in your more youthful-toothed years.

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Gaps in teeth

5 solutions to fix those gaps in teeth

Gaps in teeth. For some a cute, endearing feature that gives character to our face. For others a complete annoyance in everyday life.

With the likes of Madonna, Vanessa Paradis, Seal and Elijah wood rocking their gapped teeth with confidence in the celebrity world, you may be inclined to think that if its good enough for them, its good enough for me. However, we don’t all have it so easy.

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Be kind to your teeth this halloween

Be kind to your teeth this Halloween

The spooky season is upon us. The one day of the year where we celebrate all things ghouly, ghastly and gory in the name of ‘All Hallows Eve.’ It’s the season that officially marks the end of all things bright and beautiful, where the nights draw in and we are faced with cold dark winters.

It all sounds rather bleak and sinister, but modern-day Halloween has evolved into more of a fun celebration, especially enjoyed by the kids. It’s the one time of the year that they get to indulge in mischief, costumes, and games, and of course much to their delight a bounty of sweet, sticky treats.

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Award Winning Dentists

Multi Award Winning dentists

We are delighted to announce that Banning Dental Group, has won the accolade of Most Outstanding Dental Patient Care for 2021 from the Greater London UK Enterprise Awards. This is an honour and a privilege for us, our team and our collaborators. We hope this title demonstrates that our heart and soul goes into delivering the very best in patient care that we can and we thank all our patients for putting their trust and their teeth in our hands.

If you are looking for an extra-ordinary practice to care of your dental needs, then look no further than multi-award-winning dentists – Banning Dental Group.

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Receding gums

Do my teeth look big in these? How to deal with receding gums

Bleeding gums? Sensitivity? Bad breath? Generally not something we talk about over the breakfast table but most adults in the UK get such symptoms. You may notice that alongside these symptoms, your gums are starting to recede. Yikes! Is my morning brushing always going to be a Tarantino-fest? Are people always going to take a step back when I’m talking too close to them? Do not fear. Receding gums, and the most common root cause — gum disease — are very common and there are steps you can take to alleviate symptoms and bring your mouth back to health.

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10 years younger

Want to look 10 years younger? It’s time to pay a visit to your dentist

Your teeth say a lot about you, including (sadly) your age. That doesn’t have to be the case though. There has never been a more important time to pay some attention to your teeth either. With the decrease in face to face meetings, we rely so heavily on our onscreen persona to portray a youthful image to the outside world. A healthy set of teeth and gums can easily make you look 10 years younger, both on and off screen!

Looking 10 years younger has never been easier. With the tools and treatments dentists now have at their disposal, there is no reason not to address the signs of aging with a dental makeover. From implants to whitening, your dentist can work a few small wonders to get your teeth, mouth and gums refreshed so that you can go forth and flash a more youthful smile to the world.

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Tooth Contouring

Tooth Contouring: Cosmetic reshaping for perfectly formed teeth

There has been a huge amount of hype around Cosmetic Dentistry over the last few years. Whilst much have this is fuelled by the surge in demand for straight teeth and popularity of Invisalign, this isn’t always the final solution to our dental hang-ups.

Like our personalities and appearance, our teeth are all highly unique in their characteristics. We also have exceptionally different tastes. That means that a dental treatment that works wonders for your friend, might not give you the satisfaction you were looking for.

We can’t deny that Invisalign is a fantastic tool for delivering perfectly straight, aligned teeth. However, even if your teeth are already perfectly straight, it doesn’t mean to say that you are happy with their shape, size and structure. In fact, after completing Invisalign treatment, with each tooth lined up in a perfectly orderly fashion it might highlight some small discrepancies that you feel stick out like a sore thumb. In a mouth of crooked teeth, minor imperfections are hard to spot. Once you are near perfection, the devil is in the detail.

This is where Tooth Contouring can step up to deliver the magical final touches to a perfect smile.

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Cosmetic Dentist

5 Ways That Cosmetic Dentists Can Change Your Life

It’s true. Not all superheroes wear capes. In fact, some wear scrubs. You might think it’s a little far fetched to suggest that a Cosmetic Dentist is a superhero. In some respects that may be the case. After all, a superhero is typically a fictional character whereas a dentist is very much present in our real everyday lives.

However, a superhero is also someone who has the ability to change a person’s life in a positive way. They need to be equipped with an exceptional skill or power to perform good deeds with the best possible intentions. Do you see where we are going here?

Now, whilst it’s a bit of an ask to expect that Cosmetic Dentists can save the planet from destruction or battle against evil, they are certainly instrumental when it comes to fighting crimes against smiles. In fact, there are so many ways that a Cosmetic Dentist can improve your life we felt it noteworthy to mention a few highlights.

You’ll be surprised that not all of them relate to your teeth!

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Oral hygiene

How poor oral hygiene can affect more than just your teeth

Our body is a sum of parts, intricately linked through a complex network of systems, organs and functions. As a result, it’s not uncommon for one element of our physical operation to be affected by another. With a constant flow of fluids, solids, plasmas and cells travelling around our anatomy, it’s perfectly possible that seemingly unrelated issues are in fact biologically intertwined.

Humans tend to focus on the pain point when aches and discomfort arise, assuming that where pain is felt is where the problem lies. Many also believe they are capable of self-diagnosis thanks to Dr. Google, despite not having an ounce of medical training. However, without the education, experience and diagnostic tools, it’s impossible for us to truly know the causes of our health problems, no matter where we believe the pain to be coming from.

This principle can also apply in the case of dental health. You may think that oral hygiene routines are in place to solely care for your teeth, but our teeth do not work independently of the rest of our bodies. Dental health is a good indicator of your general well being. This is why poor standards of oral hygiene can affect more than just your teeth.

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dental appointments

Extended Opening Times for Dental Appointments

The turbulent events of 2020 and 2021, have resulted in a huge backlog of patients desperately needing dental appointments.

The combination of surgeries being closed and operating at limited capacities due to safety restricted has resulted in an unprecedented demand for dental care this summer and this shows no signs of fading, even as the summer holidays draw to end.

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