summer body hacks

Summer Body Hacks: Look and feel great this summer with these top tips

Just as the doom and gloom of COVID quarantine dissipates, summer is upon us!

Having been hidden from the world for so long, behind closed doors, computer screens and comfy clothes, its been a while since we had to worry about our appearance. And now this happens!! The sun is shining! It’s time to dig out the shorts and swimwear, meet up with friends and family and get back into the big wide world.

Even though it’s what we have longed for, during what felt like a never ending winter, it has crept up on us like a thief in the night, not allowing us nearly enough time for preparation. If you want to make the most of the fantastic summer weather, but need a little body boost in self confidence, follow our summer body hacks for quick simple ways to look and feel great again!

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reverse the signs of ageing with oral tweakments

Reverse the signs of ageing at your dentist with these top ‘tweakments’

The population across the globe is maturing, so it is no wonder that the demand for products and procedures to fight the signs of ageing has boomed in recent years. The Aesthetic Medicine magazine reports that the global anti-ageing market is forecast to be worth £306 billion by 2030, with the average person set to spend around £1,515 on beauty treatments in 2021 alone!

The pandemic has done little to dampen this trend. In fact, it has had the reverse effect. With the general population spending more time on video meetings, family facetimes and looking at themselves for hours on screen, the desire to improve the vision that they see from the neck up has only increased. A pent-up demand has been brewing over the last 6 months, with people unable to seek the advice and treatments they want to reverse the signs of ageing, due to ongoing restrictions.

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Digital Dentistry

5 Reasons why Digital Dentistry is better for your teeth

We are living in times where even the most mundane of chores have revolutionised thanks to digital advances. Why hoover, when you can get a robot to vacuum your floor? Smart speakers, because god forbid, you’d have to get off the sofa to change the music! Voice controlled switches, self-cleaning ovens, remote central heating, the list goes on. There are few moments in our day when we aren’t taking advantage of some digital technology to save time and ‘improve’ our lives.

It’s no surprise therefore, that in today’s digital age, where phones have practically become part of our physiological anatomy, that even dentists are going digital. This thought may conjure some bizarre ideas of AI controlled, drill wielding, Robo-docs but the reality is far less sinister. Digital dentistry is the future.

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Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments

Why Non-surgical Cosmetic Treatments Are on the Rise

Did you know that improving your features can be a lot simpler than you might think? When it comes to improving facial features or sculpting the perfect body, nowadays there are a wide array of non-surgical cosmetic procedures available without the need to have invasive surgery.

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Smokers Teeth

5 Tell-Tale Signs of Smokers Teeth

Smoking: we all know it’s no good for us, but the struggle to quit is real. Aside from the well reported, life threatening consequences associated with these stinky sticks, there are also massively damaging effects on our teeth and overall oral health. There are a variety of dental problems associated with the mouth of a smoker, some of which are irreversible. From a dentists perspective, there are some very common tale-tell signs of smoker’s teeth, that are very obvious to spot on initial consultation. Today we will look at the five surprising ways that smoking can affect your oral health. Like you didn’t have enough reason to quit already?!

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dentists in london

Changing the standards of dentists in London, one clinic at a time

When you go to a restaurant, salon, hotel or spa there is an expectation that you will have a pleasurable, enjoyable even delightful experience. Is your perception of visiting the dentist the same?

It’s a shame to say, but when you come to making an appointment with a dentist in London you probably already have a sense of trepidation. You can think of 100 other things you would rather be doing with your time than pulling teeth.

At Banning Dental Group clinics, we have considered every element of our customer journey to change the way that our clients feel about their dental appointments.

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Missing Teeth

Missing Teeth. 5 tooth replacement options to consider

You have a missing tooth, now what? You may feel embarrassed, have difficulty chewing, food is getting stuck in the gaps, some words are difficult to pronounce, and you’re noticing your face shape is changing. What can you do? How much will it cost? There are many more questions when it comes to missing teeth. Today we hope to answer the most common ones…

There are numerous options to replace one or more missing teeth, depending on your budget and personal choice as well as understanding which route is most suitable for your particular case.

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Metal Braces

Are Metal Braces a thing of the past?

Since the prolific rise in popularity of clear, discreet teeth straightening methods, you may be surprised to learn that metal braces still serve an important role in orthodontic treatments. Whilst metal braces might be considered as the prehistoric mode of correcting crooked teeth, they are in fact far from extinct.

It might seem like everyone wants Invisalign these days. These new ‘invisible’ methods of teeth straightening have become increasingly popular, especially amongst adult patients but in some cases the costs are prohibitive. In other cases of more complex treatment plans the best tools for the job are still those that have served us well for decades.

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Edge Bonding

Can Edge Bonding fix my uneven teeth?

Have you ever chipped a tooth and been so embarrassed that your hand became a permanent fixture over your mouth? Or maybe you decided you were never leaving the house again! You probably groaned at the thought of having it veneered or having an expensive implant or crown fitted. Thanks to a fairly new and modern approach, there is another, more affordable option…

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DIY Teeth Whitening

The Dangers of DIY Teeth Whitening

As dentists, we care massively about the health of your teeth and gums, it’s our responsibility to do so. What you may not realise is that we are obsessed with creating happy smiles for our patients for many other reasons. Having healthy-looking teeth and being free from pain and discomfort is sure to encourage a smiling face. The side effects of this smile are accompanied by a whole other level of priceless benefits.

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