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  • Would you like to take better care of your teeth this year, but worry about how much it might cost?
  • Have you struggled to access regular appointments with your NHS dentist?
  • Are you concerned that your children just aren’t receiving the regular dental examinations they need?
  • Would you like to always have white teeth without paying more?


We all dream of having teeth we can be proud of, but sometimes there are too many obstacles that stop us from getting proper dental attention as often as we need it.

Unfortunately, it’s usually when our check-ups fall behind that we start to suffer the consequences. Prevention is always better than cure and no more so than with your teeth.

We know that dental insurance plans aren’t always the best solution. There are assessments, conditions and exclusions that can often make the approval process time consuming, complicated, and costly. These plans work well for the finance companies but are not necessarily the best choice for patients.

The plans currently offered to patients in the UK require them to first have a checkup and treatment before they can offer you any plan.

At Banning Dental Group, we have been thinking about how we can lighten the load by offering peace of mind, affordability, and quality private dental care to everyone who needs it.

That’s why we have created the Banning Smile Club. Affordable monthly plans for year-round private dental care.
Join today in less than 5 minutes.
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We have 3 bespoke options to meet your dental needs.

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The smart way to pay for quality dental care

The Banning Smile Club offers the choice of 3 membership plans. Choose the plan that suits your budget, treatment preferences and level of cover. Whichever option you choose, we guarantee that you will save money and you will finally be in control of your oral health. All plans include complimentary teeth whitening and preventive care. 

With Banning Smile Club, you can choose a fixed-rate monthly plan from as little as 62p per day. You also have priority for our most popular appointment slots!


Free whitening kit 

1 Dental Examination every year
1 Hygienist Clean every year
1 Cancer Screening every year
X-Rays as needed

Free Skin Consultation


5% discount on all routine
dental & skin treatments

£xx  £xx
Minimum 3 months
Most Popular

Free whitening kit 

2 Dental Examinations every year
2 Hygienist Cleans every year
2 Cancer Screenings every year
X-Rays as needed
1 Emergency Appointment every year
No prescription fees

Free Skin Consultation


8% discount on all routine
dental & skin treatments

£xx  £xx
Minimum 3 months

Free whitening kit 

2 Dental Examinations every year
2 Hygienist Cleans every year
2 Cancer Screenings every year
X-Rays & Scans as needed
2 Emergency Appointments every year
1 Specialist Consultation every year
No prescription fees
No fit note fees
Free Dental Examinations for your children
(max 2)

Free Skin Consultation


10% discount on all routine
dental & skin treatments

£xx  £xx
Minimum 3 months

Great for your teeth, kind on your wallet.

Now here’s something you can really smile about. There’s no reason to worry about unforeseen treatment or costly dental bills when you are a Banning Smile Club member.

You can spread the cost of your dental care evenly throughout the year, making it the most affordable way to access quality private dental treatment when you need it.

With improved access to dental professionals, you are less likely to need emergency care and your teeth will look and feel better than ever.

Features & Benefits

Free whitening kit
Quick and easy sign up
No assessments or eligibility requirements
Affordable monthly payments
Preferential appointment availability
Exclusive member discounts
Access to private dental specialists
Emergency care when you need it
Inclusive care for children
Immediate dental cover
Accessible to all
Guaranteed annual savings
Fast response for toothaches, pains or injury
Prevents treatment costs spiralling out of control
Cuts the cost of treatment
For professionals
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Current Offer For Patient Who Hold Banning Dental Group And Skin Clinique Premium Membership Card:

  • 1 Complimentary dentist visit
  • 1 Complimentary hygienist visit
  • 7% reduction on:
    • any crowns, bridges and dentures and
    • any other dental work (excluding specialist treatment)
    • other dental work
    • any additional hygiene treatment