5 Simple Reasons Why Banning Dental Group are the Best Dentists in the UK

Why Banning Dental Group are the Best Dentists in the UK

OK, we know no-one likes a show off, and we hate to be big headed but on occasion there is just cause to ‘blow one’s own trumpet.’ Despite being a turbulent year across the globe and facing unprecedented challenges in the world of Dentistry, we have stuck by our roots, our philosophy and our passion to continue striving to be the Best Dentists in the UK. It’s been tough, but we are confident we have delivered.

We are sure that every practice considers themselves to be the very best in what they do, but we can only speak for ourselves. Here are just 5 simple reasons why we believe we deserve this prestigious title. The proof is in the pudding as they say, so we’ll have to let you decide for yourselves.

1. Affordable

Our journey started in Sweden. A Scandinavian country most known for Abba, Volvo, Meatballs and the much loved (and at times hated) Ikea. We grew up in an environment which encouraged the appreciation of social reform and equality. The core values of the Scandinavian dream is a society based on the greater good for each citizen. When we established our dental practices in the UK, we were driven by a vision to bring quality treatment to every UK resident.

We have seen how challenged NHS dentistry has become over the years. Like many aspects of the UK’s public health industry, NHS dentists have been underfunded and overstretched for decades. Despite everyone’s best efforts, their ability to provide general dental care for all that need it, is asking the impossible and waiting times for specialist attention, unbearable. In parallel, we have witnessed how private dental care can be expensive and totally out of reach for many.

This is the very foundation on which Banning Dental Group was conceived. Offering private dental care with prices that are affordable to the masses. We consider affordability for the average Joe Bloggs to be an important measure in our pursuit to be the Best Dentists in the UK.

2. Accessible

Our passion for dental care and to give the best possible patient experience is at the heart of everything we do. Accessibility is one of the cornerstone pillars in our company values.

  1. Appointment accessibility
    No person should suffer with dental health issues due to lengthy waiting times or inflexible appointments. This is why we are open for early morning, evening and weekend appointments, to work around your schedule.
  2. Access to specialists
    We don’t want our patients to be passed from pillar to post. We will see your treatment through from the beginning to end, thanks to having a complete team of specialists in-house. We don’t need to refer your treatment elsewhere, you will also have access to the specialists you need.
  3. Physical accessibility
    Street-level surgeries. Patient parking. Convenient public transport links. We have made sure that there are no barriers to our patients being able to get the attention they need.
  4. Accessibility to dental care during times of COVID
    We evolve. The circumstances may be more difficult, but we are able to adapt. Phone and virtual appointments, as well as ‘e-consultations’, are just a few of the tools we can draw on to comply with COVID-19 guidelines.
  5. Price accessibility
    There’s no point offering a great service if the price is not accessible to our patients. We want to change people’s perception of dentistry costing a fortune. We work tirelessly with our suppliers to keep costs low, so we can pass these savings on to our patients.

We aim to be as open, honest and accessible as we can possibly can be with our patients. This is just one of the reasons why we think we deserve to be considered as the Best Dentists in the UK.

3. Advanced Specialists

Our practitioners are registered specialists, with a wealth of experience and knowledge to offer multi-disciplinary dental treatments. No case is too difficult and we can perform even the most complex procedures in-house without the need for outside referral. Managing our patients needs from start to finish makes us stand out from the rest and definitely another tick in the box for being the best dentists in the UK.

We have embraced modern technology, investing in the most advanced equipment and tools to provide patients with cutting edge quality.

We offer all major specialisms under one roof

  • Orthodontists- for those looking for solutions to straighten their teeth.
  • Prosthodontists- need a tooth replacing or a complete smile makeover? This is the specialist for the job.
  • Endodontists- to save an infected tooth, treat dental pulp infections and perform root canal procedures.
  • Periodontists- will help with gum health and gum disease treatments to avoid the loss of teeth.
  • Oral surgeons- from wisdom teeth extraction to jaw realignment. We’ve got you covered.
  • Hygienists- keeping your mouth healthy and happy to avoid future problems.

4. According to our patients…

There is no opinion greater to us than the opinion of our patients. We can only measure our success based on the feedback we receive. It tells us what we are doing right and also gives us ideas for improvement.

Here’s just a snapshot of what our patients have to say about us from our dental clinics in Chiswick, Lewisham and Brentford:

“Dentists were absolutely fantastic and very attentive to my needs. I’m a bit of a nervous patient myself but the staff made me feel very welcome and at ease. Equipment is all top of the line and I’ve never seen such a spotlessly clean practice. Highly recommended”

“Just amazing clinic and service. Had implants, whitening and some fillings done and can say that this was my best experience at any dentist in the UK. I cannot understand why anyone would even consider another dental practice. 5 stars all around!”

“The best dentist I have ever had and I am quite a challenging patient with high expectations. I was well treated, listened to and helped with my dental problems. My daughter is having braces with them and she is really happy with how easy it has been for her compared to some of her friends that visit other dentists. Their prices are very affordable and I will recommend to everyone who wants a great dentist.”

“I’ve had a lifetime of terrible dental experiences so I am always nervous of going to a new practice but the team at Banning could not be better. Everyone I met was welcoming, professional and reassuring. I had an assessment with Dr Habib who took a great deal of time and care to discuss a treatment plan with me, give me options and talk through all my concerns. It was a proper discussion and felt like we were agreeing a plan together, rather than me just being told what I had to do. I also had a hygienist appointment with Rosie Anderson who was excellent – very calm and reassuring whilst also being professional and thorough. 5 stars all around and thank you to the Banning team for quelling all my fears about seeing the dentist!”

Check out the rest of reviews to see for yourself whether we deserve the title of Best Dentists in the UK.

5. Award Winning

The icing on the cake for us this year is winning ‘Best UK Dentist Practice 2020’ at the Oral health and Dentistry awards by GHP. The Global Health and Pharma (GHP) Awards recognise the best of the best within the industry. Their meticulous methodology ensures that winners are independently assessed and selected based on their performance, which goes above and beyond the competition. The research team cast their final judgment based on criteria such as significant contribution to global healthcare, longevity, diversification, sustained or continued growth, significant innovations and feedback from patients.

We are proud as punch to have received this award, during one of the toughest years ever and hope this further demonstrates why we are considered the Best Dentists in the UK.

Banning Dental Group: The Best dentists in the UK

In Norse mythology, there is a story about the goddess of health and wellbeing, named Eir. She was famed for her talents in healing, which were attributed to her ability to be fair. This is how we want every one of our patients to be treated. Fairly and properly.

We strive to offer each of our patients a dental experience which is totally different from anything that has been available in the UK prior to now.

If you’re still not sure, come and see for yourself. We’d love to host you at one of our clinics!

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