Best UK Dental Practice 2020 Winners

Best UK Dental Practice

Winners of Best UK Dental Practice 2020

Despite being a tumultuous year, 2020 gave us some cause for celebration and to remind us that there are always reasons to be grateful.

One of our greatest achievements of last year was to be crowned Winner of Best UK Dental Practice 2020 in GHP Magazines’ Oral Health and Dentistry Awards. This was no mean feat considering there are over 12,000 dental practices in the UK. There is stiff competition in the industry with long-established clinics and excellent practitioners operating the length and breadth of the country. We are especially honoured with this title since our family of dental clinics was only really established in 2018. It has taken an immense amount of effort and commitment from all the team across our practices to warrant such an accolade in such a short period of time.

So you might be wondering, how did we reach this stage and what does the title of ‘Best UK Dental Practice’ mean to us? Here’s a little insight.

2020: A tough year to win Best UK Dental Practice

This time last year we were living in blissful ignorance about what was about to hit us. Despite reports of a killer virus spreading across Asia, nobody could have predicted what impact that was about to have on the world, on the UK and in our case on operating a very new dental practice group.

Sadly our hopes of welcoming thousands of new patients through our doors were quickly dashed, when we were informed by the government in March 2020 of business closures. This meant that only in emergency cases and in adherence to the most stringent safety protocols would we be able to treat a patient. This meant that our beautiful new clinics which we had spent so long planning and creating would be closed to the general public.

This came as quite a blow, especially since the timing really landed at our moment of take-off. With 4 clinics already operating and several more in the pipeline, everything had to be reevaluated.

After 12 weeks, our clinics we’re once again permitted to open their doors, but everything was different. Standard operating procedures from how we communicate with our clients, to patient journeys, to the management of supplies, to decontamination processes all needed to be reconfigured and reestablished. A monumental amount of briefing and training of our teams on new ways of working all became the norm and will no doubt continue as 2021 evolves.

Whilst this was a huge setback, especially during our formative months, it turns out that it was not insurmountable. What this tells us is that if during a sanitary and economic nightmare we can win ‘Best UK Dental Practice’ then there are great things to come from Banning Dental Group.

Key Indicators of a leading UK Dental Practice

It was our intention when we launched Banning Dental Group to create something which stood out from the rest of the dentistry landscape in the UK. We have a simple philosophy that underpins everything we stand do; ‘forget about everything you have seen, heard or experienced at a dentist.’

Before launching Banning Dental Group, we had already become aware of the limitations of NHS dentistry. At the same time, the private sector was hugely exclusive and inaccessible for many patients. Our vision was to create clinics that could bridge this gap. Creating beautiful spaces, offering a full spectrum of quality dental services and making them affordable to all. In our mind, this is what makes a winning dental practice.

Before even considering examinations or treatments, customer experience is at the forefront of our decision making. We have carefully created an environment to ensure that clients feel welcome, comfortable and relaxed when they visit us and can walk away having enjoyed their dental experience.

For us, it’s all about building a relationship with our patients that will stand the test of time. We work hard to reduce anxiety, to provide clear explanations in layman terms and to be available and accessible whenever our clients need it, even if this is on a Sunday. Offering all dental specialisms in-house means that we can treat all manner of oral conditions without referring from one specialist to another. This reinforces the commitment we offer to our patients who can become tired and worried about treatments or doctors who are unfamiliar to them.

Whilst all dentists are trained and capable to deliver certain dental treatments, it’s the personality traits of the Banning Dental Group brand which we believe makes us the Best UK Dental Practice.

🏆High Quality

Here you can read all about our winning dental services and what qualifies us amongst the Best Dentists in the UK.

Whether for oral health or cosmetic dentistry, whatever your age and walk of life, we will have a dental solution for you. Come and visit us!

For a winning smile, you need to see a winning dentist.

Banning Dental Group: Winners 2020 Best UK Dental Practice

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