Can Edge Bonding fix my uneven teeth?

Edge Bonding

Is Edge Bonding the solution for your teeth worries?

Have you ever chipped a tooth and felt so embarrassed about your appearance that your hand became a permanent fixture over your mouth? Maybe you have started to notice that your once straight tooth edges are starting to look a little jagged? Or could it be that you have the odd tooth here or there that just sticks out amongst the rest?

If so, you may have pondered what sort of dental treatment could fix such issues and shuddered at the thought (and cost) of needing expensive veneers, a crown or complete tooth replacement. Thanks to a fairly recent evolution of existing dental technologies and the skillful artistry of cosmetic dentists there is now another, more affordable option. 

Let’s talk about Edge Bonding…

What is Edge Bonding?

Composite Edge Bonding has exploded in popularity in recent years as a solution for restoring teeth that have been damaged or appear uneven. Whilst the practice and use of bonding is not revolutionary in the dentistry world, its application in the field of cosmetic dentistry has become more prolific thanks to the growing demand amongst the Insta-generation for camera perfect teeth.

Edge Bonding uses the same type of resin material as a white filling to fill gaps, cover over chips in the teeth and even out surfaces that may have worn down over time. It is a simple treatment that involves taking a tiny amount of resin to delicately fill around the edges of a tooth making small improvements to its form.

The overall result is a more symmetrical appearance and an immediately enhanced smile. For minor imperfections, it’s a winning solution.

How does Edge Bonding work?

The method behind edge bonding is all about building up and adding material to the tooth structure rather than taking away, so thankfully there is little preparation involved. Plus, since this is a cosmetic rather than health-related treatment it’s highly unlikely that an anaesthetic is required.

Whilst only a qualified dentist is able to offer edge bonding, the treatment is more of a craft than a science. Years of practice and skill come into play. Only those with sufficient experience in the cosmetic dentistry field will have the eye and precision required to deliver perfect natural-looking results. 

This all resolves the application, adherence and contouring of the dental cement bond. This paste-like substance which can be matched perfectly to your existing tooth colour is applied to the tooth with the help of a liquid bonding agent, something like a tooth-friendly glue. Once the bond is in place, but before hardening your dentist will manually shape, mould and carve the material into a form that blends perfectly into its surrounding environment.

Once the desired form has been achieved, a UV light is brought into play to harden the edge bond into place, creating a seamless extension undetectable to the eye. 

How long does edge bonding last?

The treatment can last anything from four to eight years, sometimes longer, depending on how you care for your teeth. Maintaining the integrity of the edge bonding is as important as your daily dental hygiene and brushing techniques. Consider that after treatment, you should not bite directly into hard foods, chewing your nails can take their toll and definitely avoid using your teeth as tools! We are no longer living in the stone age!

Our natural tooth enamel is porous in nature, however the resin is non-porous. This means that staining is likely to develop more quickly than it would on natural teeth. The edge-bonded tooth itself will not actually change colour, but the stains will remain on the surface. The resin used in this treatment cannot be whitened, so if you don’t take care, you could be left with teeth that are dull in appearance and can even look grey – not a good look. Keep up to date with your dentist and hygiene appointments and this can all be avoided.

Edge bonding pros and cons

There are numerous advantages to this dental treatment, but as with any other procedure, there are also some disadvantages to consider:

Let’s first discuss the pros:

• Down time – There is no down time. This treatment doesn’t require any anaesthesia, it is a fairly quick in-chair treatment and patients can go about their day as usual afterwards.
• Pain – Being a non invasive cosmetic treatment pain is not a factor and no injections are required. The entire treatment can usually be done during one visit – a huge bonus for any nervous Nellies!
• Durability – Considering the short amount of time needed in the dentist chair, this treatment has a great level of durability, as long as the patient has generally good oral hygiene habits and visits the dental hygienist regularly.
• Price – Edge bonding is one of the most affordable cosmetic dental procedures available, with excellent results.

Some of the cons of edge bonding:

• Strength – Although strong, when compared to porcelain veneers, the resin material is at a disadvantage.
• Staining – The resin used for this treatment can be prone to staining, depending on eating and drinking habits. If the patient is a smoker, this will also cause staining over time. The inability to lighten the resin material could be seen as a downside if patients don’t intend to give up smoking or their beloved red wine.

Is Edge Bonding for me?

This simple treatment is cosmetic rather than necessary. If the condition of your teeth is generally quite good, but maybe a little rough around the edges this could be ideal for you.

If there are larger surface areas of your teeth that are damaged, their position not quite right, or you are looking for a more dramatic change in colour it may be that complete composite bonds, veneers, whitening or straightening options might be more suitable.

Every case is personal, and your likes and dislikes are unique, so why not book a consultation and discuss if this treatment could suit your specific requirements?

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