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Revolutionising the face of dentists in London

When visiting a restaurant, salon, hotel or spa there is an expectation and anticipation that a pleasurable, enjoyable even delightful experience is ahead. Is your perception of visiting the dentist the same?

London is a world leader in culture, leisure, business or experiences. This is a city that is considered an important point of reference in its means of continually improving, evolving, adapting and breaking the mould, showcasing the best that there is to offer. Can the same be said about dentists in London?

It’s a shame to say, but when it comes to making dental appointment you probably already have a sense of trepidation just by dialling the number. You can think of 100 other things you would rather be doing with your time than pulling teeth.

It is this very thought process that has given the world of dentistry such a bad reputation. People consider a trip to the dentist something that it is only necessary when there’s a problem. The negatives surrounding the visit somehow completely outbalance any benefits that may arise. And there are many!

You know that feeling of checking into a hotel and thinking straight away, ‘I’m so glad I’m here!’ Knowing that there is a team of people dedicated to making your experience as special as possible and knowing that your hard-earned cash is going towards your happiness and wellness is an opportunity that most would grab with both hands. This is exactly how we think you should feel when visiting dentists in London.

Why is that certain restaurants are fully booked night after night, boast outstanding reviews and are recommended time and time again amongst friends? Probably because the chef is a master in his field. The atmosphere fuels your dopamine and the service makes you feel special. We want the same to apply with our patients experience of visiting our clinics.

At Banning Dental Group clinics, we have considered every element of our customer journey to change the way that our clients feel about dentists in London. How do we go about achieving this?

Exclusive Environment

It was our intention to create clinics that make you feel comfortable and welcoming as soon as you arrive. Working with Remarcable Interiors we have created a salon-style atmosphere, promoting calm, comfort and reassurance with an organic, Scandinavian inspired design. Our clinics boast modern, bespoke furniture, large waiting rooms, bright airy treatment rooms that are flooded with natural light. You won’t find shiny lino floors, flickering strip lights or plastic chairs at any of our London clinics.

By creating a tranquil, dreamy space you will quickly forget anything you have previously seen, heard or experienced at dentists in London. Instead of feeling a sense of dread, you will be captured by inspirational smile transformations and dazzled by the possibility of having your own set of perfectly proportioned, gleaming white teeth. We focus on what you have to gain, rather than what you have to lose.

Flick through our Smile ‘Look Books’, get comfy in our lounge, enjoy a welcome drink on arrival and the art installations while you wait. We can promise you haven’t seen dentists in London like ours before.

Personal Communication

Each of our clinics is supported by a team of treatment coordinators who are the glue between our dental practitioners and clients. Before even visiting us in person, you can contact one of our dedicated treatment coordinators to ask advice on treatment options, run through any questions or queries and book you in for an appointment.

Being able to communicate with you more freely via our treatment coordinators allows us to understand your needs more clearly and makes you feel more confident and relaxed about your visit.


When it comes to a subject as sensitive as teeth, of course, you will want the best man or woman for the job. You wouldn’t expect your GP doctor to fix a broken arm or perform a hip replacement. For the same reason, you can’t expect that your general high street dentist is skilled in orthodontistry, implantology or oral surgery for example.

There is a wide range of dental disciplines, each requiring its own level of specialist education and training. From a patient’s perspective, we understand that it can be frustrating being sent from one clinic to another depending on the treatment required. For that reason, we offer all specialisms at our clinics, meaning that your treatment plan can be managed seamlessly under one roof, without the need for outside referral.

State of the art kit

There are many dentists in London with years of experience under their belt, but whose clinics lack the installations to offer certain types of treatment. As the old saying goes ‘A man is only as good as his tools’ and without the right tools for the job, treatments offered to patients can be limited.

We want our client’s treatment options to be completely flexible and backed by the most cutting edge equipment and technology available in the industry. We have invested heavily in our kit so that our full spectrum dental procedures are never compromised.

We have our own in-house laboratory allowing us to produce custom fittings on demand for our patients. Using a completely digital workflow, we can accelerate speed of treatment whilst guaranteeing precision and accuracy. You can expect 21st century dentistry at all of our clinics.

Affordable private dentistry

You may assume that private dentistry is expensive and out of your budget. This is one of the key issues we wanted to address when launching the Banning Dental Group concept. Our intention is to make high-quality, modern dentistry accessible to all. Through a combination of everyday great value, flexible finance packages and dental insurance plans we endeavour to offer outstanding private dental services that are affordable to all.

These are a few of important features we have incorporated into our dental clinics to help change the perception of dentists in London. With exciting expansion plans in the pipeline, we soon hope you’ll find a Banning Dental Group clinic on your local high street.

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