Banning Dental Care and Skin Clinique

Corporate PLAN

Our Corporate Dental Plan is a great perk for an employee. It’s good for them and it’s good for the company that employ them too.

Less time off. Less admin. Less expense.

For a start, it cuts down on time taken off work for trips to the dentist (we have appointments available on evenings and Saturdays and even Sundays, and employees can get to us outside normal work hours). It reduces administration by HR departments as well as by the employee. Whereas dental insurance involves paying for the treatment, getting a receipt, filling in a claim form and sending it to the insurance company, our corporate plan requires none of the above.

Benefits for the employer

Benefits for the employee

Commencement and duration

Eligibility: The plan can operate with a minimum of 5 employees.
Dental fitness: Employees do not have to be dentally fit in order to join the plan.

The employee shall be entitled to treatment from the date of receipt on the first monthly payment. The company issues one payment each month for all employees who are members. Any deductions are made through the company payroll. The company is required to provide a list of all members each month, highlighting any leavers and new joiners.


The firm is required to give 3 months written notice to the practice before removing an employee from the plan. Each employee must join the plan for a minimum of one year. The firm is required to give 6 months written notice to the practice before withdrawing from the plan completely.