Free virtual consultations with us

We always offer FREE virtual consultations for cosmetic treatments, mainly bracesimplants, veneers and composite bonding. Virtual consultations allow you to explore your treatment options and optional upgrades customised to your lifestyle and goals. Remember, we have all the main fields of dental specialists in each practice to ensure that you get all the options possible.


Our focus on high-quality work and affordability without compromises on flexibility, comfort and safety are the number one reason patients choose us. Our friendly and highly experienced team is always ready to make your trip to the dentist and specialists comfortable, worthwhile, and safe.


We know that COVID-19 has changed our way of visiting the dentist, and we hope you find our virtual consultation a helpful tool and safe even during these uncertain times. 


Start your smile journey today, and let us deliver the results you always wanted and more reasons to smile!

how do our free virtual consultations work?

Upload your photos

Just fill in the form below and upload photos of your teeth.
Banning Dental Virtual Consultation

Intelligent analysis and free report


Your photos as analysed and then verified by our specialists depending on what treatment you enquiry about. You will received a full report of your oral health.

Banning Dental Virtual Consultation

Book your appointment

 We will send you information of what treatment options are available. You will have the option of a video call with our dentists and specialists, or come in and see us to start your treatment.
Free Virtual Consultations
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