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Try on a new smile with Invisalign SmileView

Have you been secretly admiring the teeth of those around you or the spectacular smiles that seem to be part of the online influencer uniform?

Do you often wonder if your teeth could be improved and what they might look like in perfect formation?

You’ve probably already heard of Invisalign, the latest in teeth straightening technology. It combats all the common complaints of traditional metal braces that put people off wanting to fix their teeth. The Invisalign method gives faster results, a much more comfortable experience without the irritation of brackets and wires and of course, as the name suggest is virtually undetectable to anyone other than the wearer.

Of course, undergoing any type of orthodontic treatment comes at a cost. You wouldn’t buy a new pair of shoes without knowing they fit properly or look good on. You also wouldn’t purchase a new car unless you like how it drives. Therefore, it’s unsurprising that when it comes to investing in new teeth, you’d like to know what you are getting before, quite literally, putting your money where your mouth is.

Well, thanks to the clever people at Invisalign it is now possible to do just that with Invisalign SmileView.

Curious how you’d look with straight teeth?

Invisalign SmileView is a unique digital tool that has been designed to demonstrate a before and after comparison of what your teeth could look like following an Invisalign treatment plan. It’s now possible to try your new smile on for size before making any financial commitment.

The SmileView software is a computer-generated simulation of the outcome of a smile transformation. It’s as simple as taking a smiling selfie online using your phone and within 60 seconds you’ll see a totally new you with perfectly straight teeth.

We can assure you the results are impressive and truly demonstrate your smile’s full potential which is often difficult to imagine when looking in the mirror and trying to imagine your teeth without their individual flaws.

The SmileView technology is a great example of try before you buy. If you are suffering with overcrowding, crooked teeth, gaps, over, under or cross bites, Invisalign is potentially the perfect solution for you. However, should you have cracks, chips or missing teeth entirely we would need to consider other treatment methods such as dental implants or composite bonding.

The advantages of SmileView

  1. It’s totally free!
  2. You will see how straight, white teeth could really transform your appearance
  3. You’ll start to understand whether Invisalign is the right treatment route for you
  4. It helps with the decision-making process before making any financial commitment
  5. You’ll know exactly what the end goal will before even sitting in the dentists chair

There is no better way to decide whether to take the plunge with a smile makeover, than seeing the potential results yourself before committing to treatment. SmileView makes this possible.

Take a selfie using this SmileView link or you can even try it out in person at our Lewisham and Brentford practices at our SmileView simulation stands.

If you’ve already given it a go and like what you see, why not book yourself in for a free Invisalign consultation at your nearest Banning Dental Group clinic to get you on the road towards the best smile of your life?

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