Professional Teeth Cleaning vs Brushing at Home

Professional Teeth Cleaning

Why should I have Professional Teeth Cleaning?

Us Brits it seems, are more conscious than ever of our health and appearance. A survey conducted by Vitality last year reveals that the average citizen spends £2,500 per year on a combination of gym memberships, supplements and health foods. You can almost double this figure when taking into account purchases of cosmetics, toiletries and beauty products and the investment in regular beauty treatments. 

A nice facial does the trick when you feel your skin is looking a little lacklustre. A relaxing massage is lovely when your back starts to bug you with aches and pains. A trip to the barbers will soon sort out an unruly barnet. How about some gym time to get the heart pumping? We put in a lot of time and money to looking and feeling our best. But can the same be said about our teeth?

Since everything we consume has to travel via our teeth and our mouth is our primary means of communicating it certainly warrants some careful TLC! According to Dentistry Online we spend £196 per year on oral health care products. We are all doing our bit at home to follow the basic dental hygiene rules, but is this enough? Well, it is and it isn’t. We are all capable of ‘cleaning’ our teeth, but ‘Professional Teeth Cleaning’ is something which cannot be replicated at home

What is considered to be ‘Professional Teeth Cleaning’

Professional Teeth Cleaning is something that is likely to be done at your dentist by a Hygienist. Even you if you brush twice a day with the best electric toothbrush, floss, use mouthwash and do your very best to follow your dentists’ instructions, it is inevitable over time that you will face some build-up of plaque and tartar.

Unfortunately, once the plaque hardens, it is impossible to remove with your regular toothbrush. This does not mean that your efforts are in vain. It simply means that once in a while Professional Teeth Cleaning will step in and tackle the areas that are beyond your own ‘at home’ capabilities.

A hygienist uses a combination of tools which are designed for the job of removing hardened plaque. These types of tools are not available to the average joe blogs, because quite frankly we would do ourselves a terrible injury trying to use them. Aside from that, unless you are some kind of incredible contortionist, it is near impossible to have sight of every nook and cranny between your teeth. This is also where you are most likely to have pesky plaque problems.

Professional Teeth Cleaning will involve a treatment known as Scale and Polish

Using a combination of manual and electric scrapers your hygienist will work around the mouth to loosen any tightly lodged food debris and scrape away locked-on tartar. The treatment involves a number of tools for different locations within the mouth and the level of cleaning that is required. An ultrasonic tool is put into action to blast away any surface tartar. This is followed by manual scrapers to work in-depth on problem areas, removing any remaining deposits and surface stains.

One the scraping is complete, a high speed rotating brush is used to buff and polish the teeth. This again will help with surface staining and will leave a clean, smooth finish. Not only does this look and feel great, but it is also harder for plaque to latch on to, which gives you a fighting chance of keeping tartar at bay for longer at home.

Is Professional Teeth Cleaning necessary?

To avoid ever having tartar build-up and the consequences that arise from this; yes professional teeth cleaning is necessary. It’s simply not possible to deliver the same level of cleaning with our home tools.

To avoid cavities arising from food debris stuck in hard to reach areas; yes professional teeth cleaning is necessary. There are so many blind spots within the mouth, you are often unaware of what is lurking.

To prevent the onset of gum disease, professional teeth cleaning is necessary. A scale and polish will help to create an inhospitable environment for the bacteria that cause gum disease.

Aside from it being necessary, we can guarantee that you will feel amazing after a really good clean. You can immediately notice that your teeth are under less pressure after the debris has been removed from between them. Your smile will be brighter since the surface staining will have been removed. You’ll feel a smooth, glossy finish and you’ll walk away knowing that you are maintaining your cleaning routines from a completely fresh base at home.

How often should I have my teeth professionally cleaned?

Your dentist is able to advise how frequently you ‘should’ have your teeth cleaned based on your current oral health status. However, once you’ve been cleaned once it will be more a question of how often you ‘want’ to have it done. In the same way that a work-out at the gym or manicure makes us feel fresh and revitalised professional teeth cleaning has the same effect. Soon you will realise that it is a treat, rather than a chore!

You can’t beat the feeling of professional teeth cleaning! Request an appointment today!

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