Non surgical rhinoplasty

Also known as non-surgical rhinoplasty, nose reshaping treatment uses dermal filler to correct crooked imperfections and enhance the shape of your nose. Whilst this type of treatment can’t make your nose smaller or drastically change your nasal shape, unwanted bumps can be balanced out in a minimally invasive way, without the need for expensive, painful surgery.


Procedure time

30 minutes

Recovery time

0 - 48 hours

Discomfort level

Disconfort level 2




  • No Scarring or Lasting Side Effects
  • Minimal Risk
  • Easier Recovery Period
  • Non-Permanent Results
  • You are in control of the final result

Nose Reshaping FAQ’s

The nose is one of the most noticeable features on the face and can be a source of extreme frustration when you look in the mirror each day. Up until recently, the only option to correct flaws in the nose would be to have a surgery, under general aesthetic, accompanied by an extended period of recovery and quite a dramatic post-surgery appearance. Nose reshaping filler allows you to achieve the form you have always wanted for your nose gradually, safely and affordably.
The injection sites and quantity of filler used are carefully selected by an experienced aesthetic practitioner. The aim is to achieve a natural look that subtly enhances and complements the existing shape of your nose and face. The aesthetician gradually inject small amounts of filler at the selected sites to achieve a smooth, symmetrical nasal shape, leaving you with a straighter nose in as little as 15 minutes. Just one treatment is needed, making it an efficient, hassle free alternative to traditional rhinoplasty.
The procedure is performed in the comfort of our clinic using the highest quality products available on the market. It is entirely safe and side effects are not only temporary, but very minimal. You may have some redness or slight swelling around the injection site for approximately 24 hours after treatment.

Nose Reshaping

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