Thread Vein Removal
Thread Vein Removal

What is Thread Vein Removal?

Thread veins, also known as spider veins can appear anywhere on the body at any age, however many associate the condition as a sign of ageing as it can cause the skin to look damaged and worn.

Thread vein removal is the elimination of ruptured capillaries and thread veins using avant garde 3D laser technology from Vasculase. The device emits a narrow and precise beam of light to target the red blood cells found present in thread veins, which in turn cause the vein to constrict and be reabsorbed into the body.

Why would I choose to have Thread Vein Removal treatment?

Thread veins can be unsightly, especially when they appear on visible areas of the body like the face and neck. Whilst not an immediate threat to your health, these thin red, blue or purple veins can cause a mild itching or burning sensation, as well as lowering your self-confidence due to their presence on the surface of the skin.

The treatment to remove thread veins is commonly used for thighs, calves, ankles and facial areas.

If left untreated they can worsen over time and become more prominent. When treated early using 3D Vasculase laser technology, thread veins disappear entirely.
Thread Vein Removal
Thread Vein Removal

What benefits can be expected from Thread Vein Removal treatment?

Quick and Painless
Continuously evolving medical technology means that it is now possible to effectively treat thread veins in a painless manner. Up to 90% of thread veins can be eradicated in just a single session. The procedure takes no longer than 60 minutes, after which time you can return to normal daily activity.

If you choose laser treatment you won’t have to worry about recurring sessions to ensure the efficacy of treatment. In as little as one session you can enjoy being free of the aesthetic and health burdens associated with thread veins.

Instant Results
Many aesthetic procedures require a period of time to pass before you can enjoy the maximum benefits of the treatment. 3D Vasculase laser technology ensures that results are permanent. The veins visibly disappear before your eyes during the treatment itself.

A New Lease of Life
People who suffer from thread veins or broken capillaries often do their best to hide them due to feelings of shame or embarrassment. A renewed self-confidence is often established after thread vein removal.

Once a thread vein has been removed, it will not come back. This saves the expense and time of having to return for multiple sessions.

What to expect during treatment?

When the laser is applied to the vein, you will likely experience a sensation of heat as the practitioner moves the device across your skin. It is not painful and your practitioner will talk you through the entire process before getting started. It is one of the few procedures where you can witness the immediate disappearance of the vein during the treatment itself, which in itself will give you a sense of satisfaction and joy.

You will be able to leave the clinic with a notably improved appearance thanks to the elimination of these undesirable blemishes. Your skin will look noticeable more smooth and clear.

Are there any side effects involved with Thread Vein Removal?

Thread vein removal using such precise laser technology as 3D Vasculase is entirely safe, with virtually non-existent side effects. Clients may experience minor redness or slight swelling immediately after treatment, but this will disappear in as little as 24 hours. There is no damage to the skin and this is simply the body’s natural reaction to laser treatment.
Thread Vein Removal
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