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Discover the secret to ageless beauty with Wrinkle Smoothing injections. These micro-injections target facial muscles, disrupting the formation of wrinkles at their source. By gently relaxing wrinkles, it softens harsh lines, enhancing your natural appearance.

Administered by experienced professionals, botulinum toxin delivers soft, natural results without sacrificing your expressions. Embrace a youthful look with this popular, time-tested solution. Say goodbye to the signs of aging and hello to a more confident, rejuvenated you.


Procedure time

15 - 30 minutes

Recovery time

0 - 24 hours

Discomfort level

Disconfort level 1




  • Fast, effective non-invasive treatment
  • Smooth, wrinkle free skin
  • Relaxed expressions
  • Reduction of harsh lines
  • Treats the root cause of ageing
  • A youthful, fresh appearance

Wrinkle Smoothing Injections FAQ’s

The formation of wrinkles is the most common complaint of an ageing appearance. However, some fine lines and wrinkle are not age related at all, but simply a result of our most common expressions making their mark on our facial features. Therefore, it is no surprise that solutions for the eradication of wrinkles are the most sought-after treatment in the world of facial aesthetics.

Gone are the days that anti-ageing cosmetic procedures need to involve surgery. Wrinkle smoothing injections are a fast, effective method to banish wrinkles that give soft natural results without going under the knife. Equally, there is only so much that can be achieved with creams, serums and lotions since wrinkles are embedded into the muscle form beneath the skin.

Wrinkle smoothing injections are ideal for addressing the dynamic lines formed from repeated facial expressions, which can cause us to look tired and old. Since many of the tale-tell signs of ageing form in the upper part of the face, this is a very common treatment area, but technically the injections can be applied to any area where muscle contraction is to blame for creasing and expression lines. This includes: • Forehead creases • Glabella lines • Crow’s feet • Bunny lines • Droopy eyelids/eyebrow lift • Dimpled chin

Firstly, your aesthetics clinician will wish to evaluate your muscle movements, skin thickness and the dynamics of your facial characteristics to establish a personalised wrinkle smoothing plan. The depth of the injection will vary according to the site and this is an important part of the initial assessment that only trained practitioners will understand how to assess. They will also wish to ask you questions about your medical history, any medications you take and any allergies you have.

On the day of your appointment, your face should be free of make-up and cosmetics. The injection areas will be cleaned, prepared and marked with the exact locations of the injections. Since these injections use very fine needles, no anaesthetic should be needed.

Each injection will feel like a tiny pin-prick when handled with expert precision. Some injections will go directly into the muscle and some into the area between the muscle and the skin according to the response that is required to smooth each wrinkle. The number of injections will depend on the number of areas you are addressing in one session.

Once all injections have been administered, your face will be cleaned with a hypo-allergenic cleanser, and you will be given your post-treatment instructions to follow. This usually involves not touching or rubbing the treatment are, not bending forward for at least 4 hours, rest and avoiding strenuous exercise and alcohol.

The effects are not instant but will appear gradually as the muscles begin to relax. You can expect to see the full results of your treatment within 2 weeks.

Side effects can vary according to the area and muscle that is being injected. Since this is quite specific, it will be discussed during your consultation to ensure you are aware of any risks.

There are some more general side effects, but most can be avoided by using a qualified medical clinician:

• Bruising around injection sites
• Weakness in surrounding muscle areas
• Allergic reaction
• Tingling or numbness
• Itchiness

It’s reasonable to expect that the smoothing effects will last for between 3 – 5 months. This means you can return for a top up between 4 – 6 months after your last treatment. You will find that the effects of the treatment will last longer after the procedure has been repeated a few times.

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