How to achieve straight teeth without fixed braces

Straight Teeth

Anyone growing up since the 70’s would have spent their adolescents in classrooms full of kids wearing braces. For those wearing the braces, it was an unwelcome fixture that made already self-conscious, hormonal teenagers wish the ground to come and swallow them up for the fear of ridicule or bullying. 

Looking back as an adult, wearing fixed braces in your youth may have felt like an enduring challenge but you are probably thankful that you stuck it out when you did. During the last 20 years, we have witnessed more and more adults having to embark on their orthodontic journey later in life when they didn’t receive the treatment they needed back during those formative years.

No matter our age, there has always been a stigma attached to wearing fixed braces. Especially those heavy-duty train tracks that were so common during the ’70s and ’80s. It was a tough one to decide as an awkward teenager. Would I rather be the ugly duckling with crooked teeth for the rest of my life or wear ugly braces and emerge as a beautiful swan with straight teeth to enjoy for years to come?

Thankfully, orthodontic engineers have been busily beavering away, exploring and experimenting with ways to straighten teeth in a less aesthetically intrusive manner. A variety of solutions have reached the market in recent years, changing the face (literally) of teeth straightening techniques.

We cannot talk about how to straighten teeth in the 21st century without talking about Invisalign and we will come on to this. First, let’s begin to understand why having straight teeth is considered so important in today’s society.

Why are straight teeth so important to us?

Broadly speaking, we can break down the importance of teeth straightening into 2 main categories. Most people wish or need to straighten their teeth for either Aesthetic or Health reasons and often a combination of the two.

Aesthetic Reasons for wanting straight teeth

The Hollywood Smile obsession has crept into the British psyche in recent years thanks to the rising popularity of celebrity, reality and influencer culture. It’s rare to see a set of teeth on screen these days that haven’t been contoured and polished like a hand-cut diamond.

Our obsession with appearance has never been more prevalent as it is in today’s selfie society. Studies in the US, the home of the perfect smile, have revealed that those with straight teeth are more likely to be considered happier, more successful, popular, more intelligent and attractive. That is a lot to read from a set of teeth but sadly is an indication of how our media shapes our thoughts.

There is also much positive reinforcement around becoming the best version of yourself. This can relate many aspects in life. Your career, relationships, well-being and looks. Since our face is our window to the world, our teeth take the front seat.

Health Reasons for needing straight teeth

Having straight teeth also brings huge health rewards which mustn’t be overlooked. Whilst you may be more aware or concerned about the aesthetics of your teeth, your orthodontist is far more likely to suggest teeth straightening for health reasons. Of course, they can help you with both.

Braces, after all, were invented to solve problems with the bite. Not because it looked better, but because of the problems a badly aligned jaw could cause. Beautifully aligned teeth are easier to clean and therefore there is less risk of tooth decay. Crooked teeth and jaws can result in all sorts of aches and pains. Even chewing and eating will benefit when teeth join together seamlessly.

It’s easy to see therefore why braces have become such a common feature in life. Straight teeth are not only desirable but essential for our health. So what are our options these days to achieve straight teeth, and is it really now possible without fixed braces?

The emergence of Invisalign to straighten teeth

Around a third of all children require orthodontic work to straighten their teeth and the number of adults wearing braces is on the rise. This has coincided with the arrival of Invisalign which has been the greatest evolution in teeth straightening treatments ever recorded.

There is no denying that fixed metal braces have served well for decades in correcting crooked teeth. However, when we think of the most common objections to their use over the years, it’s clear to understand why clear retainers have provided a much welcome addition to the dental care scene.

Objection 1
❌I don’t like the look of metal braces
✅Invisalign wins hands down in this case as it is almost undetectable to anyone other than the wearer.

Objection 2
❌I hate that food gets stuck in my fixed braces
✅One of the great advantages in retainer style braces is that they can be removed when eating and cleaned when required.

Objection 3
❌My brackets are irritate the inside of my mouth
✅Clear Invisalign retainers are created as custom fit, snug moulds that shape perfectly to the contours of your teeth. There are no sharp edges, no protrusions and therefore no irritation to other parts of the mouth.

Objection 4
❌The tightening of my braces is painful and uncomfortable
✅Invisalign moves teeth gradually by applying different levels of pressure at different stages with new custom retainers each fortnight. There is no pain or discomfort.

Objection 5
❌Wearing braces takes too long
✅In the case of Invisalign, commitment to treatment is a matter of months rather than years.

So is it possible to have straight teeth without using fixed braces?

Yes! It certainly is! There are still a range of brace options available, some of which are more suitable for specific cases than others, but it is most possible to achieve a smart, straight smile without the need for fixed braces.

If your crooked teeth are something that have bothered you for a while and you have avoided getting treatment due to the fear of fixed metal braces you need to know that times are changed. Speak to us and find out if you are suitable for Invisalign to help you achieve your dream straight teeth.

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