Summer Body Hacks: Look and feel great this summer with these top tips

summer body hacks

Get set and glow with these summer body hacks!

Just as the doom and gloom of COVID quarantine dissipates, summer is upon us!

Having been hidden from the world for so long, behind closed doors, computer screens and comfy clothes, it’s been a while since we had to worry about our appearance. And now this happens. The sun is shining! It’s time to dig out the shorts and swimwear, dust off the sun-tan lotion and get back into the big wide world.

Even though it’s what we have longed for during what felt like a never-ending winter, it has crept up like a pesky mosquito, not giving us nearly enough time to get summer body ready.  There’s no point stressing that you should have started a new fitness plan months ago. What’s done is done. We have all gained a few Corona kilos and quite frankly the last year has been draining on both our minds and bodies. Everyone is in the same boat! 

Nevertheless, you want to make the most of the fantastic summer weather, make up for lost time and enjoy life to the full over the coming months. You might just need a little boost to reignite your body confidence.

Follow our summer body hacks for quick simple ways to look and feel great and rock this summer to the max!

Water is your friend

There’s no better summer body hack to accompany your day than good old fashioned H20. Best of all, it’s completely free! Drinking water might seem like a pointless, irrelevant task, especially when you don’t feel thirsty, but there are so many body benefits it’s a must in any summer body toolkit.


If you intend to lose weight, then water has to feature as your most consumed item each day. Water contains no calories, can curb your appetite by making you feel more full and flushes out toxins from your body helping fat metabolism. It also helps us to work out more comfortably and effectively by preventing cramps and keeping muscles lubricated.


Drinking a healthy quantity of water can work wonders for our skin. Water is pH neutral and therefore keeps skin healthy by maintaining the correct equilibrium of acid and alkaline. Flushing our bodies through with water ensures that harmful toxins are removed via the kidneys and don’t flare up as unwanted outbreaks on the skin. Water also has the important job of keeping us hydrated which in turn maintains skin elasticity, reduces wrinkles and gives us a youthful appearance.

Glow up with Mesotherapy

It takes a hardcore skin regime to turn dull, lifeless skin into a glowing vision of health. It’s important to treat your skin with the care it deserves both inside and out, but when there’s just no time to wait for results, you may need a quick summer body hack for skin. Queue Mesotherapy.

Mesotherapy is a non-invasive treatment that involves introducing a cocktail of goodness directly into your skin using very fine needles. This blend of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants, Hyaluronic acids and countless other skin-friendly ingredients help to nourish, repair and revitalise your skin complexion.

Any part of your face and body can be treated with Mesotherapy. Whether you are looking for that natural, dewy luminous glow or to target pigmentation, acne scarring, psoriasis, eczema or dermatitis, it’s a fantastic summer body hack to rejuvenate the appearance of your skin.

Shine bright with Teeth Whitening

The perfect accessory to golden tanned skin, is a fresh white smile. Professional teeth whitening treatments can transform your appearance with minimum fuss, maximum results and a quick turnaround.

Being summer body ready can apply to any part of our body that causes us concern. When you like what you see in the mirror, you immediately feel more confident in yourself. Our teeth make up such a significant part of our facial features that an improvement in colour can result in a total transformation. 

You will be the envy of the park and pub garden this summer with a pearly white set of teeth.

Fire up the BBQ

This is the perfect time of year to ditch the fryer, step out of the kitchen and grill in the garden. Not only is this a great way to bring friends, neighbours and family together, but it’s way better for your body.

Winter recipes have a habit of incorporating starchy, fatty, heavy ingredients into a time of year when we are already feeling rather sedentary and sluggish. A quick, easy and enjoyable summer body hack is to get cooking on gas (or coals!).

Forget heavy loaded burger buns, baguettes and hot dogs. The BBQ lends itself perfectly to marinaded meats, deliciously grilled vegetables, accompanied by colourful salads, fresh salsas, Crudités and fruits. It’s the healthiest way to shake up your diet this summer without being a drag.

Kick cellulite to the curb

With leggings and trackies packed away for (hopefully) the foreseeable future, our summer wardrobes are exposing far more of our bodies than we’ve been used to for some time! Those niggly areas of stubborn fat and ugly cellulite we have managed to blissfully ignore for months are back on the scene and are by no means a welcome sight.

For a quick summer body hack to tackle these holiday hang-ups, Cryotherapy is your go-to solution.

Cryotherapy involves using cold blasts of air to freeze fat cells, dissolve cellulite, contour the body and dispose of those nasty fatty tissues naturally through our own lymphathic system. At the same time it gives our metabolism a jump start and boosts collagen production, making our skin look more smooth, vibrant and alive.

Cryotherapy is safe, comfortable and quick, giving radical results you’ll want to show off this summer.

Pack in the proteins

Quarantine has certainly been responsible for a heavy intake of carbs. Countless nights in front of the telly, catch-ups on family zooms and a long cold winter have forced us to seek comfort in warm cosy meals and sugary snacks. Nobody blames you, but a switch to proteins is an effective summer body hack that boosts your metabolism, reduces your appetite and helps you lose body fat without losing muscle and tone.

Firm Up

To radiate a vision of health and youth this summer a little lift and tightening will do wonders to revitalise your appearance. There’s absolutely no need to consider any radical surgical procedures to give you uplifting results. Dermal Fillers can deliver all the firming, filling and plumping you need, giving your skin a brand new lease of life.

Dermal Fillers are a non-surgical summer body hack for lifting eyes, blurring wrinkles, filling lines and enhancing features. The treatment can easily fit around your day, giving you a fresh new look ready for your next summer outing. No prep, no downtime, just simply fabulous results.

For more solutions to help you feel summer-ready, book a consultation at your most convenient Banning Skin Clinique or Dental Clinic.

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