The importance of having a straight smile

Straight Smile

Is having a straight smile really so important?

It’s clear to see from the influences around us in everyday life that having perfectly formed, white teeth and a perfectly straight smile is a highly desirable commodity. Teeth straightening treatments have been increasingly popular in recent years for several reasons. 

Firstly, the advances in orthodontic technology have made teeth straightening more effective, efficient, and comfortable than ever before, thereby encouraging more people to take the plunge. At the same time the cost of orthodontic treatment has decreased in recent years, making it more accessible to a wider population.

Secondly, awareness has increased tremendously thanks to advertising and social media, meaning that more of us now realise the possibilities that are available that address our own particular smile imperfections.

Straighter teeth are increasingly seen as a symbol of good health and personal care, so it’s no wonder that there is a greater desire to achieve a straight smile. Additionally a straight smile is considered attractive and pleasing, leading many to seek out orthodontic treatment to improve their appearance.

The combination of improved technology, increased awareness, changes in social norms, aesthetic appeal, and affordability have all contributed to the popularity of teeth straightening. But is it really so important that we all strive to achieve that perfectly straight smile? 

The cosmetic benefits are obvious, but a straight smile can provide both functional and health benefits that are often overlooked. Here are just a few reasons why having a straight smile is so important:

Having a straight smile improves your oral health

A simple fact of the matter is that straight teeth are easier to clean and maintain. Crooked teeth, misalignments and gaps create the perfect crevices for food and plaque to build up. These spaces are more difficult to brush and floss effectively.  Despite all best efforts these are likely to be the spots that fall victim to the formation of tartar, which of course is more difficult to remove without professional intervention.

By having a straight smile, you reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. When your teeth are perfectly spaced and aligned you eliminate all those hard to reach areas. Your daily cleaning routines will become more successful in maintaining good standards of oral health, thereby reducing the need for dental treatment in the future.

Improved speech

Teeth play a significant role in speech, as they help shape the sounds of certain words and syllables. When teeth are misaligned, it can affect the way the mouth and tongue move, leading to speech impediments such as lisping, spitting or difficulty pronouncing certain sounds.

Having a straight smile can help correct these issues by aligning the teeth and improving bite position. This in turn can improve speech clarity and eliminate any speech impediments.

Improved bite

A crooked smile can put uneven pressure on the teeth, which can lead to both muscular and jaw pain. Misaligned bites are often the culprit for headaches, migraines, grinding and even temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ) which can seriously affect your quality of life.

Proper bite alignment, can help distribute the forces of biting and chewing evenly across the teeth thereby reducing stress on the jaw joint and surrounding muscles and relieving you of chronic pain. 

Increased lifespan of teeth

Straight teeth are less likely to suffer from general wear and tear. When teeth do not align correctly, some teeth are going to be working much harder than others due to the constant impact they make with opposing teeth, especially when chewing. These teeth are likely to be the ones that suffer in the long run.

A straight smile ensures that all teeth are working in unison, leading to a longer lifespan for teeth.

Improved facial aesthetics

As a society that is obsessed with appearance a straight smile can go a long way to improve facial aesthetics.

Having a symmetrical smile helps to balance the dental arch and create a uniform arrangement of the teeth, which can contributes to overall facial symmetry. Additionally, straight teeth can improve the equilibrium and proportion of the lips, cheekbones, and jawline, creating a harmonious and aesthetically pleasing facial appearance.

Ultimately, an improvement in facial aesthetics and symmetry make a positive impact on one’s self-esteem and overall happiness.

It is easy to conclude therefore that a straight smile is important for health, function and appearance and together these benefits are guaranteed to improve one’s quality of life.

Why not speak to us and discover the options that are available to deliver the straight smile you have always dreamed of?

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