Tooth Contouring: Cosmetic reshaping for perfectly formed teeth

Tooth Contouring

Reshape the way you smile with Tooth Contouring

There has been a huge amount of hype around Cosmetic Dentistry over the last few years. Whilst much have this is fuelled by the surge in demand for straight teeth and popularity of Invisalign, this isn’t always the final solution to our dental hang-ups.

Like our personalities and appearance, our teeth are all highly unique in their characteristics. We also have exceptionally different tastes. That means that a dental treatment that works wonders for your friend, might not give you the satisfaction you were looking for.

We can’t deny that Invisalign is a fantastic tool for delivering perfectly straight, aligned teeth. However, even if your teeth are already perfectly straight, it doesn’t mean to say that you are happy with their shape, size and structure. In fact, after completing Invisalign treatment, with each tooth lined up in a perfectly orderly fashion it might highlight some small discrepancies that you feel stick out like a sore thumb. In a mouth of crooked teeth, minor imperfections are hard to spot. Once you are near perfection, the devil is in the detail.

This is where Tooth Contouring can step up to deliver the magical final touches to a perfect smile.

What is Tooth Contouring?

Tooth Contouring is also referred to as Tooth Shaping, Dental Contouring or as its clinically known Enameloplasty. It is a cosmetic dentistry technique that provides artistic definition to teeth that are considered misshapen, uneven, minimally crooked or deformed.

The procedure involves making small, careful adjustments to the shape, size and contours of the teeth using polishing discs or lasers which gently file the surface layer. This treatment only touches on the enamel of the tooth, which is the hardest, most durable part of the tooth’s anatomy. Since there are no nerve endings in the enamel, this is a non-invasive, pain-free treatment and anaesthetic is rarely required. It’s a simple, straightforward practice that can easily be carried out during a lunch break.

Your cosmetic dentist will only reduce between 0.5-1mm of enamel. Whilst this doesn’t sound like a lot, when compared to the tooth size it can have quite an impact. This is more than sufficient to smooth out jagged edges, round off pointiness, or slim down a tooth causing crowding. No dental professional would file any more than this as the integrity of the tooth and its protective shield would be compromised.

Contouring should not be confused with shaving down or grinding of teeth that occurs for full prep veneers. In fact, in this day and age, it’s rarely ever necessary to reduce the teeth to mere stumps, when there are so many advanced, ultra-thin restoration options available.

It is important to note that teeth reshaping corrects minor defects. It is not the solution for a complete smile makeover, but complementary to many other cosmetic treatments. Whilst the adjustments are subtle, discreet, and precise, the results are impressive. This is often the pièce de résistance following a programme of straightening, restorative, or whitening treatments.

Who is Tooth Contouring suitable for?

Since Tooth contouring involves removing a very fine layer of enamel, it is essential that your teeth are in good condition and have not already suffered from enamel erosion. We don’t want to get anywhere close to the sensitive, dentine area so it’s important that there is a sufficient thickness of enamel to work with.

Assuming that your enamel and general oral health are in great shape, then we find Tooth Contouring is most suitable for those who are frustrated by the individual characteristics of certain teeth. It could be that your front teeth have started to chip or have ridges because of general wear and tear. You might not like that one tooth seems longer than another. There may be a small overlap that is bugging you or teeth that you think are too pointy or fang-like.

These are all suitable reasons to consider tooth contouring as a way of polishing off and enhancing your smile to picture perfection.

What are the benefits of Tooth Contouring?

  • Your teeth with look uniform, even and perfectly formed
  • Balanced symmetry and proportions will enhance your overall appearance
  • Gives clear definition to each tooth
  • You will be free from jagged, chipped or crooked edges
  • You can iron out any minor crowding
  • It will be easier to clean between the gaps of your teeth
  • It’s a quick, non-invasive treatment that can usually be performed in just one visit

Tooth Contouring and Composite Bonding

These two treatments are a great combination. You may have teeth that we need to add and build on to create the perfect shape where form is lacking. Composite Bonding helps to build length and fill minor gaps and cracks. In other situations, we need to reduce, slim or define the tooth and this is where the tooth contouring treatment steps in.

Like a sculptor, cosmetic dentists work with a range of tools and materials to adjust, shape and contour their works of art. It is only precision, expertise and an exceptional eye for detail that can create a winning masterpiece.

If you are looking for that crowning glory to bring your smile to its maximum potential, you may want to chat with us about Tooth Contouring treatment. The icing on the cake in smile transformations.

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