2021: The Year for Perfect Teeth

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Is this the year you’ll finally get your perfect teeth?

Let’s face it. The announcement on the 5th January that the country would enter its 3rd lockdown was not the news anyone wanted to hear at the start of what was hoped to be a promising new year. With the nation already feeling like it had suffered enough and a somewhat compromised Christmas, there was a desperation in the air that 2021 would restore some level of normality back to our lives.

Sadly, this was not to be the case. Here we find ourselves once again, cut off from our families, confined to our homes and restricted in our everyday movements. Going out for a walk has already lost its appeal, especially with the bleak weather and with homeschooling to contend with as well as trying to balance a full-time job from home, it might feel like you just don’t get a chance to breathe.

Mental health has been high in the headlines with the effects of the lockdown playing havoc with our sense of personal well-being. Exercise has played a key role in trying to energise the body and stimulate our serotonin, but even Joe Wicks is tired and we are all seeking our next fix of personal satisfaction.

Now, this may seem like a bizarre suggestion, but stick with it, because we all need options right now! How long have you been dreaming of straight, white shiny teeth? How long have you been saying you must get your teeth sorted out? How long have you been putting off going to the dentist?

I’m sure no-one has previously considered a dentist appointment as a recreational activity, but we are living in strange times these days. Dentists remain open as usual during this 3rd lockdown and wouldn’t it be great to reunite with your friends and family in a few months with a stunning new smile? You’ve got time on your hands and little opportunity to spend, so why not put your hard-earned cash towards something that will truly make you feel fabulous? 

2021 is your year for having perfect teeth!

What are ‘perfect teeth’ supposed to look like?

Every individual’s idea of the ‘perfect teeth’ is different. We are each self-conscious of certain aspects of our features which are probably completely unnoticeable to those around us. To us, these niggles are important and they affect how we feel about ourselves. Resolving what we consider to be a flaw in our appearance can do wonders for our self-esteem and couldn’t we all do with a little boost right now?

There is no precise standard of what perfect teeth are supposed to look like. It is totally down to personal preference and opinion. Being confident in your appearance brings a whole new outlook in life and your smile is a huge part of this perception.

For some, this is all about colour and being conscious of staining or discolouration. Remaining tight-lipped in photos is all too common for those who can’t stand the sight of their tinted teeth and long for gleaming gnashers. It might just be one of those things you never got around or didn’t have time to commit to. With lockdown likely to continue for weeks if not months, this is the ideal opportunity to consider teeth whitening.

What about crooked teeth? This is another frequent cause for complaint. Teeth that overlap each other, or one that just bothers you because it doesn’t sit in the right position. It could be something that has bugged you for years but seemed like too much fuss and bother to ever get it seen to. With time on your hands and just a few visits to the dentist, you could be emerging from confinement with sensationally straight teeth. All it needs is a little determination and commitment to following your treatment plan.

Proportions are also really important in our assessment of our dental aesthetics. You may feel something’s not quite right if you have teeth that you think are too long, too short, too thin or chipped in certain areas. This again is easily resolved with a little help from your dentist. You will be far too busy once freedoms are restored, so why not get this addressed now instead of twiddling your thumbs at home?

Maybe you have some missing teeth and hate being greeted in the mirror with a gappy grin. It’s so easy these days to replace absent teeth and this is the ideal time to do so. In fact, you can have new teeth in a day in certain cases!

How to get the perfect teeth you have been dreaming of?

There are no prizes for guessing that to have any chance of achieving your perfect teeth, you need to start by visiting your dentist. In this case, since we are talking specifically about the ‘look’ or aesthetics of the teeth, it’s essential to find a dentist who specialises in cosmetic dentistry. There is no fun in being sent from pillar to post, from one specialist to another when you just want a solution to your problem. You need someone who can draw upon a range of treatment procedures and has the experience and track record in delivering a complete smile makeover.

A smile makeover is a combination of cosmetic procedures that improve the aesthetic look of your smile. Even if you have healthy teeth and gums, you may wish to address the superficial imperfections.

Each of the concerns mentioned above will have a range of options that can provide a solution. You may even need a combination of treatment options to achieve your desired end goal. When considering dentists, check to see which procedures they are able to offer:

At Banning Dental Clinic, we are experts in Smile Design. We have the tools and capabilities to provide every cosmetic dentistry procedure you might need and will therefore see your transformation through from start to finish.

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Invisalign
  • Veneers
  • Composite Bonding
  • Dental Implants
  • Restorations
  • Braces
  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Gum contouring

We work closely with you to create a personalised treatment plan which is bespoke to your teeth. We can transform your smile into the one you’ve always dreamt of while ensuring it naturally suits your face.

Utilising advanced equipment like 3D intraoral scanning and precision technology allows us to implement the latest cosmetic treatments safely, effectively, and rapidly. Using computerised milling technology, our dentists can create attractive, durable dental restorations like crowns, bridges, and veneers in a single visit.

Turn that frown upside down in 2021!

It’s important to find the positives in every situation. You may feel like life is on hold, but in every challenge, there is an opportunity. This is the potential for a lifechanging experience during what can otherwise be a monotonous, non-eventful period. If you are bored of hearing about Dry-January, Veganuary, exercise plans and fad diets, why not look at things from a different angle.

What are you waiting for? 2021 is your opportunity to get a smile you can be proud of!

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