Why are more adults getting their teeth straightened these days?

Teeth Straightened

Can you get your teeth straightened at any age?

Up until quite recently, having your teeth straightened has been a treatment typically associated with teenagers. However, the British Orthodontic Society reports that 75% of orthodontists in the UK are experiencing an increase in requests from adults. The majority of adults patients seeking orthodontic treatment to straighten their teeth are aged between 26-55 years old and are most likely to be female. Nevertheless, the number of men pursuing treatment also appears to be on the rise. 20% of the respondents to the survey estimate that half of their adult patients are male.

Outside of the data, if it wasn’t for the recent increase in the use of face masks you would probably be more personally aware of the uptake in adults having their teeth straightened. Then again with some of the advances in straightening technologies, it’s not as easy to spot as it once was!

The reality is, you can have your teeth straightened at almost any adult age, so long as you already have a good standard of oral hygiene. So why has there been a sudden shift in attitude amongst the grown-ups? We have a few thoughts on the subject:

So, why are more adults getting their teeth straightened these days?

As we grow older we grow in confidence, especially by comparison to our awkward, self-conscious teenage selves. As much as you may have longed to have your teeth straightened during early adolescence, you may have shied away from going through with it, too concerned with how you would be perceived amongst your peers. As an adult, we are more comfortable in our own skin and are capable of sucking up a short term treatment plan for the sake of the end goal.

Increased Choice in Straightening Solutions
With improvements in techniques and tools, there is far more choice on the dental market these days for teeth straightening, than ever before. Having your teeth straightened is no longer a single option procedure. With ceramic, lingual, insignia and Invisalign braces all now easily accessible through good orthodontists, we can capably assess and decide the straightening option that works best for us.

Financial Independence
As children, teenagers and young adults we are dependent both financially and decisively on the actions of our parents. This may have left us with little choice or freedom in the straightening treatment made available to us. As adults, we have the choice to spend our hard-earned cash, whichever, which way we like and if that means we’d like our teeth straightened, we can jolly well go ahead and do it!

Have we become vainer in recent years? There is an argument to suggest that with the rise in cosmetic surgery, a selfie-obsessed society and a barrage of beauty presented to our every glance, we are simply vainer than ever before. We are faced with an increasingly distorted view of personal appearance with the rise in digital filters and retouching, so it’s no wonder we benchmark ourselves against a vision of perfection that rarely matches anyone’s natural appearance.

Oral Health
Even if you had work done in your teens, you may be faced with oral health issues which require orthodontic attention. Teeth can become overcrowded with the arrival of wisdom teeth. They can drift causing overlaps or gaps as the jaw bone matures with age. This may mean that a perfect set of pubescent teeth needs correcting later in life.

Socially Acceptable
Maybe it is just that adults wearing braces has become more socially acceptable in modern-day society? There’s an attitude of ‘if it’s good enough for the ’Gram it’s good enough for me’ prevails and a simple search of #teethstraightening will show you millions upon millions of happy smilers that have had their corrections.

Discreet Teeth Straightening
There is no doubt that the rise of ‘invisible’ teeth straightening options have certainly contributed to the popularity amongst adults to address their crooked teeth. Braces may once have felt like an oppressive, obstructive form of orthodontic treatment. Now there is a discreet, clear, glossy retainer that seems to do the trick just as well.

How much does it cost to get your teeth straightened?

How long is a piece of string?! Sorry for the vague answer but there is a broad spectrum of crooked teeth. In some cases, very minor adjustments need to be made. On the other hand, there may be dental hygiene work, extractions and fillings to be done before the straightening can even begin.

Plus it will also depend on the type of device that you decide on to get your teeth straightened.

To at least give you an idea, at Banning Dental Group we offer the lowest priced Invisalign treatment in the UK for ₤1500. This includes:

Up to 7 sets of aligners
For both upper and lower jaws
A free 3D scan and visualisation
Free X-rays
End of treatment retailers
Teeth Whitening treatment

For any other form of teeth straightening, please request a FREE consultation so we can give you a personalised assessment and quotation.

Can you get your teeth straightened on the NHS?

It is of course possible to have your teeth straightened on the NHS, but there are 2 key points to consider.

Firstly, it is becoming increasingly difficult to locate an NHS dentist that is accepting new patients. (you’ll find out more about this here.) Due to high demand, even if you are already registered with an NHS testing there are extremely long waiting times for treatment.

Second of all, NHS dentistry is designed to address your dental health needs. It is free for under 18’s with a clear health need for treatment but rarely available for adults. The NHS does not have the budget or capacity to cater for aesthetic or cosmetic treatment. You will be referred to a specialist orthodontist or cosmetic dental specialist to perform advanced teeth straightening treatments.

Where can I get my teeth straightened in London?

At Banning Dental Group clinics we provide all-inclusive orthodontic services to cater for all types of crooked teeth no matter your age. If you are looking to have your teeth straightened in London, we can offer consultations either online or at any one of our clinics.

If you are thinking about having your teeth straightened, find a clinic closest to you today for an initial consultation.

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