How to make brushing teeth fun for kids!

Brushing teeth fun

How to make brushing teeth fun for kids

As parents, we want out little ones to be in the best physical shape possible. We are under huge amounts of pressure to monitor their diet, their behaviour, their screen time and their sleep patterns. We hope to give them the best start in life, by keeping them safe from harm, pain and sickness, wanting nothing in return but than healthy, happy children.

This applies as much to the dental health arena as any other. We would be devastated to think of our mini-me’s suffering with toothache, decay or god-forbid needing a filling. We will do whatever it takes to make sure our beloved babies have strong, clean teeth, but sometimes wrestling with an unruly, cranky toddler does not make this easy!

The last thing any parent needs first thing in the morning are tears, tantrums and traumas when trying to brush their kids teeth. When you are up against a deadline for leaving the house on time, this can be an exhausting experience. You are trying to do the best thing by them, but they don’t fully understand why the brushing needs to happen and it certainly doesn’t fit with a 3-year-olds agenda. There are far more fun things to be doing first thing in the morning like watching Peppa pig, emptying the kitchen cupboards or tearing round the house like a Tasmanian devil.

The same applies to nighttime brushing. It’s the time of day that you need everything to wind down in preparation for a peaceful slumber. This is not the time for drama, upset and agitation, so why does it seem to result in an emotional meltdown?

If you have been struggling with your children’s brushing routines, it’s time for a new approach. There are plenty of resources out there to make brushing teeth fun! Once the activity becomes fun, rather than fraught we can assure you the whole household will benefit!

Here are a few tips to get you started. These will help make brushing teeth fun for the kids and life easier for the adults!

Make brushing teeth fun with a cool new toothbrush!

If you are looking for less fussing and more brushing, you need the right tool for the job. It’s one thing getting the bristles momentarily into your child’s mouth, but you need to know that they have brushed for the all-important 2 minutes and that all areas of the teeth and gums have been covered.

Do not underestimate the value of novelty brushes. There are an abundance of all signing, all-dancing (quite literally) brushes these days, complete with lights, music and buzzers. Of course, if they are somehow representative of your child’s favourite character, even better. After all, if it’s good enough for Spiderman…

A catchy tune, flashing LEDs or a funny character can go a long way to making brushing teeth fun. It’s also most important to make sure the teeth are clean, but thankfully we are living in times where even the most inanimate household objects have now become ‘Smart.’ With these helpful tactics, kids are guided in their brushing techniques without even realising. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Here are a few examples that will help you overcome the brushing battle and make brushing teeth fun for all ages!

The Brushies Brushie toothbrush and book set

For the smallest of children and baby teeth, why not make brushing teeth fun and friendly with a finger puppet style brush? Made from food-grade silicone which slips onto mum or dads finger, your child will enjoy a less traumatic brushing experience. Coupled with a cute little storybook, it’s an ideal solution for an early years introduction to oral hygiene.

Fairywill kids electric toothbrush

With its own built-in timer and a pause every 30 seconds, your child will be encouraged to brush as your dentist recommends moving around the mouth so that every zone is covered. It’s lightweight, non-slip and quiet and for just £16 provides an affordable solution for even the fussiest kids.

Playbrush sonic smart

Play games while brushing thanks to the Bluetooth connection to a phone or tablet! Teaches great brushing techniques through gaining rewards and the kids get to see how well they have brushed their teeth at the end of the 2 minutes with a 3D representation of their mouth. This is more suitable for kids over 3 years.

Philips Sonicare for Kids Bluetooth Connected

With a free interactive app, built-in timer and musical alerts to move around the mouth, the Philips Sonicare offers interactive engagement making brushing teeth fun! At £130, this is not the cheapest option on the market, but is highly recommended by both dental professionals and parents.

Oral-B Kids Junior Electric Toothbrush Star Wars

For slightly older kids (6-12 years) and when only Star Wars will do, the Oral-B Junior ticks a lot of boxes! To be fair, there are non-Star Wars designs and the brush is compatible with the free Disney magic timer app, so it caters for a variety of tastes. Reassurance from trusted Oral Hygiene company Oral B tells us we are doing right for our children. (Frozen, Princesses and Cars versions also available)

Apps to make brushing teeth fun

These days it seems that our sweet little innocents have a better grasp on technology than we do, so why not use it to your advantage to make brushing teeth fun? There is an app for everything these days and oral hygiene is included. Here’s a few to try out:

Disney Magic Timer

The app claims that 90% of kids brush longer with the Disney Magic Timer from Oral-B. To add a little magic and make brushing teeth fun, the app features 23 different Disney, Marvel and Star Wars characters which help your kids brush longer. Sadly, only available in conjunction with Oral-B purchases

Brush DJ

An award-winning, free app suitable for either electric or manual brushing and for all ages! Using songs available in your mobile device, you are given 2 minutes of music, a buzz reminder every 30 seconds, to change position and a round of applause on completion. It can also be customised with reminders to replace your toothbrush when to brush and floss, when to use mouthwash and when you are due for your next dentist appointment. A great all-rounder to encourage complete dental hygiene routines.

Brushing Hero

Using the selfie camera of your phone or tablet, your child is transformed into a monster-fighting hero when their brush enters their mouth. Only effective brushing can defeat the monsters. The better the brushing, the better the monster-slaying hero they will be.

Chomper Chums

Learn teeth brushing techniques with your child’s’ chosen animal character. Chase nasty sugar bugs around the teeth of their animal friend. Earn food rewards for their Chomper Chum and a Super Smile Reward for ongoing brushing consistency.

We hope our suggestions make it easier to make brushing teeth fun for your kids. Don’t forget to keep up with your children’s dental check-ups either as this is all part of their regular oral hygiene routines. Don’t forget we offer FREE dental check-ups for the children of parents who are registered with us!

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