Dental Implants in London. Where, how, what does it cost?

dental implants in london

Thinking about Dental Implants in London?

Dental Implants have rapidly become the ‘choice du jour’ for those suffering from gaps and missing teeth in recent years. It’s a fact that that dental implants are simply the closest representation of our own natural teeth that have ever existed to date.

If you are thinking about having Dental Implants in London this year, you will be amongst thousands that have opted for this highly sought-after treatment plan. After all, why put yourself the misery of living with gaps in your teeth, when there is a perfectly decent solution already on the table for you?

You have to remember that each of your teeth is there for a reason. The loss of even one tooth disrupts the natural harmony in our mouths, affecting our quality of life in more ways than one.

A missing tooth, especially at the front of our mouths can cause a dramatic change to our features. The gap that it creates, can leave us feeling unattractive, self-conscious and embarrassed. The absence of a tooth can contribute to a sunken, aged appearance. When the facial muscles and skin lose their support structure, it can accelerate the formation of wrinkles and lines.

Chewing and eating
Are you avoiding certain foods because they have become too difficult to chew? Our teeth are the starting point of our digestion and nutrition. Not being able to chew comfortably may cause you to stop enjoying the foods you love and that your body needs.

Certain sounds become infinitely more difficult to pronounce correctly when one or more teeth are missing. This not only affects our ability to communicate but can also cause us to feel socially uncomfortable.

Dental Health
It can be frustrating when food regularly becomes stuck in the gaps left by missing teeth, but it’s also likely to lead to a buildup of bacteria and plaque, the onset of tooth decay and an increased risk of gum disease.

If you are pondering the idea of having dental implants in London, we suggest you do your research carefully and consider a number of factors before deciding on your dentist.

Why are dental implants in London so popular?

With the capital being the most populous area of the UK, its no wonder that there is more demand for dental implants in London than any other part of the nation. Coupled with the fact that London has the greatest supply of dental practices in England and the higher disposable income amongst its residents answers the question as to why it seems dental implants in London appear to be so popular.

It does not mean however that demand does not exist in other parts of the country. Implant dentistry has been on the rise for at least the last 10 years and as populism grows, so does innovation. The industry is continually on the lookout for solutions that offer better quality materials, faster healing time and greater precision and the development continues to move at pace.

Why are dental implants the best option?

Dental Implants offer a 5* solution for the replacement of missing teeth. They are considered by patients and dentists alike as the safest, most reliable, and effective method of restoring a natural, healthy, and functional smile.

Compared to other options, the benefits of dental implants are:

  • Implants look just like your natural teeth
  • They function just like your natural teeth
  • Implants preserve and stimulate the bone structure of your jaw
  • They improve facial structure
  • They are strong, secure, and comfortable
  • There are options to replace individual, multiple or all teeth
  • Providing support to neighbouring teeth
  • A life-time solution
  • Success rate of up to 98 % with proper care

Each individual case must be evaluated to establish the best tooth-replacement option. The cause of your missing teeth, the number of teeth that are missing, your age, budget and general dental health are all important factors to consider. Of course, if you happen to live in the South East of England then having dental implants in London is going to be high on your list of preferred treatment routes.

Options for Dental Implants in London

Single Tooth Replacement with implant

If you are only missing one tooth, a crown attached to a dental implant is the optimal choice. Typically the treatment and placement process, will look as follows:

  1. Consultation. X-Rays and scans will be taken, assessments made, and treatment plan agreed between yourself and your dentist.
  2. Under local anesthesia, the dental implant is inserted into the jawbone, acting as a replacement tooth root.
  3. After approx. 10 days, the stitches are removed, and the implant reviewed.
  4. Once the implant has healed and integrated with your jawbone, an abutment is attached which will connect your implant to your new replacement tooth.
  5. Your crown will be uniquely designed and produced to fit the exact contours of your month and colour matched to your surrounding teeth.
  6. The new tooth (crown) is fitted to the abutment.
  7. Follow up and aftercare

Multiple Teeth Replacement with implants

If you are missing several teeth, an implant solution can be offered in conjunction with dental prosthetics, to literally ‘bridge’ the gap between missing teeth.

Large gaps due to multiple missing teeth do not necessarily need an implant for each individual tooth. A bridge can be used in conjunction with implants to fill wider spaces. Strategically placed implants can be fitted to provide an anchor for a bridge to be connected. There are many advantages of using a bridge with implants compared to the traditional bridge method:

  • The bridge will connect to an artificial root (the implant) rather than to the adjacent teeth giving a more secure, comfortable fit.
  • The implants will preserve bone structure and stimulate bone growth, giving improved facial aesthetics.
  • The adjacent teeth will not require modification to accommodate the bridge.
  • Cleaning and maintenance are easier with an implant supported bridge.
  • Greater longevity

Full jaw teeth replacement with implants

If you are missing all your teeth in your upper, lower or both jaws, dental implants in London can support two solutions:


All-on-4 is the name used to describe the treatment where a full bridge is attached to several dental implants. The benefits of All-on-4 are much the same as a partial bridge but will require more implants (typically 4) to span the full jaw of teeth. This is the most advanced, secure and permanent solution for replacing all missing teeth.

Implant-Supported Dentures

Alternatively, for a secure, but removable option you can consider an implant-supported denture prosthesis. Multiple dental implants can give a more comfortable, practical foundation to a removable denture, eliminating many of the frustrations with traditional dentures such as:

• Dentures will remain firmly in place.
• Eat and speak without the embarrassment of slipping dentures.
• No friction and gum sores.
• Preserve bone structure and stimulate bone growth, giving improved facial aesthetics.

In this particular case, ball abutments or a bar act as the intermediate connecting element to the implants as you have the option to remove the denture, unlike other fittings such as crowns and bridges.

How much are dental implants in London?

Not only are there multiple scenarios to take into consideration, but there is also a choice of dental implants materials that can also affect both price and treatment time.

When asking, how much dental implants in London are, its like asking how much a car in London is? Obviously, it would depend on which brand, what the specification is like, the engine size, the capabilities etc. The situation is much the same with dental implants. Would you be looking at the Mercedes or the Rolls Royce of implants? Do you want to drive it away today or order a bespoke option?

What we can do is give you a ball-park figure so you have a rough idea of what might be involved:

Single Dental Implant in London: £1,695

Upper or Lower Jaw: £7,995

Both Jaws: £14,990

Whatever you decide about having dental implants in London, the very first thing you need to do is have an initial consultation with your dentist. We offer free x-rays and scans worth £180 as part of the consultation to identify the best possible route for you.

We also have attractive finance options including interest-free repayments to make the spend a little easier on the pocket. Nevertheless, the investment you make in your teeth, is an investment in a new lease of life, for a lifetime.

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