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To understand the significance of Harley Street in dental history, you must cast your mind back to the Regency era of London. For those who have been glued to the Netflix series ‘Bridgerton’ in recent weeks, you will be familiar with the high-society prestige which was characteristic of the West End of London during the 19th century. This was a period of classical architecture, horse and carriage and Jane Austen-esque fashion where the rich spent their time attending balls and promenading in the Royal Parks.

Flanked by Mayfair to the South, Regents Park in the North and Hyde Park in the West, Harley Street emerged in the area of Marylebone village during the 1700s. It is named after its founder and constructor Edward Harley, the 2nd Earl of Oxford. Harley appointed the construction of an entire neighbourhood of charming, generously sized houses, which little known to him would serve the medical community long after his death.

These attractive, Georgian style houses may not have suited the aristocratic families of the time, but worked perfectly for the medical professionals who treated them. The ground floors provided an ideal space for their surgeries whilst offering ample room for their families to live directly above. From the mid-1800s doctors flocked to the area, taking advantage of the elegant homes and close proximity to the upper-classes. By the time the Medical Society of London took up residence in 1873, Harley Street was firmly established as a centre of excellence in the world of medicine and healthcare.

This reputation has continued to this day. Harley Street has worldwide fame for healthcare specialists who are at the forefront of their industry. This is especially the case in the realm of cosmetic, aesthetic and dentistry practitioners. For that reason, we are delighted that we can now offer you a Harley Street Dentist operating as part of the Banning Dental Group.

Why choose a Harley Street Dentist?

Here we are 200 years later and while London has moved on considerably from its noble society hierarchies, Harley Street remains the epicentre for high-class medical attention. Now known as the Harley Street Medical Area (HSMA), this key district of influence now extends beyond its original single street footprint. With the rise of dental tourism, this mecca of medical specialists attracts visitors from around the world in their pursuit to find the very best Harley Street Dentist.

So, why would you choose to visit our Banning Group Harley Street Dentist?

If you are one of 3 million London commuters, we know it might seem that you spend more time in your area of work than you do at home. This can make it difficult to schedule important personal appointments around your working hours and long travel times. Having a central London location means that you can get the professional dental attention you need where you need it. It’s as simple as nipping out on your lunch break or booking your appointment just before or after work. Plus we are perfectly positioned just a hop, skip and a jump for several central London tube stations.

This is the most distinguished area of dentistry that exists in the UK, arguably the world. It forms part of the HMSA, a community of hospitals, clinics and specialists, renowned for their outstanding patient care, pioneering treatments and use of cutting-edge technologies. Almost all properties are owned and managed by the Howard de Walden Estate. It is not easy to simply enter Harley Street as a medical practitioner. The Estate carefully considers each occupier and the use for each building to ensure that the zone maintains its international reputation for medical excellence and that patients know they are visiting the very best of the best in the world of dentistry.

A personal experience
Our Harley Street dentist clinic is a small, private consultation. Unlike some of our neighbours, we operate on a personal, one to one level with each of our patients which allows us to establish a great understanding of their needs. This is ideal when you need time, discretion and accessibility from your dentist which is difficult to achieve at larger practices.

The Banning Philosophy
This may be a new location, but we promise you will receive the same great treatment as you would at all our Banning Dental practices. We are committed to changing the face of UK dentistry and giving every one of our patients a positive dental experience. Whether you feel nervous, are concerned about costs, have had bad experiences before or are about to embark on a complex treatment plan; we will put your mind at ease.

Does a Harley Street Dentist cost more?

Sadly, with its reputation of prestige, comes a reputation of expense. Harley Street Dentists are not typically known for their affordability.

However, as with all Banning Dental Group clinics, we are dedicated to making dentistry accessible to all regardless of budget. We offer a full range of dental services, without the Harley Street price tag. We are home to the lowest cost Invisalign and Dental Implant treatments in the UK. We offer interest-free finance options, highly attractive new patient registration fees and work with all the key Dental insurance companies.

Where is the Banning Group Harley Street Dentist?

You can find the new Banning Harley Street Dentist consultation centre at 128 Harley Street, Marylebone, London, W1G 6AZ. A super convenient central London location just a short walk from Regents Park, Baker Street, Bond Street or Oxford Circus Tube Stations.

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