Corporate Social Responsibility CRS

At Banning Dental Group, we take our corporate responsibility seriously, investing both time and resources to make a positive impact on people and the environment, both locally and globally.

Our Commitment

Empowering Through Smiles

At Banning Dental Group, Banning Skin Clinique, and Banning Academy, we proudly fund and support SmileCharity, driven by the belief that everyone deserves a healthy smile. Through SmileCharity, patients can nominate someone deserving of a free smile makeover. Each quarter, we select one nominee for a full smile transformation, and their journey to a more confident smile is shared on our channels.

Engaging in Community Service

We actively engage our team in volunteering activities, both locally and abroad, and participate in numerous fundraising events throughout the year. Our commitment extends to the local community through regular visits to nurseries, schools, local businesses, and resident associations, promoting oral health education and preventive care.

Sustainability Efforts

Environmental Stewardship

We are dedicated to minimising our environmental impact and promoting sustainability in our operations. Our practices are designed to offset carbon emissions, reflecting our commitment to improving the quality of life, one smile at a time, for present and future generations. Notably, our practice prohibits using mercury fillings, opting for safer alternatives.

Sustainable Practices

To achieve our sustainability goals, we:

– Integrate Sustainable Development: We consider sustainability in all policies, plans, and decisions.
– Promote Environmental Responsibility: Our staff is encouraged to adopt and develop environmentally responsible practices and initiatives.
– Engage Patients and Visitors: We motivate visitors and patients to adopt sustainable practices.
– Resource Efficiency: We strive to minimise our consumption of natural resources and reduce carbon emissions by utilising low-energy solutions.
– Sustainable Sourcing: We prioritise suppliers with solid sustainability policies.

Operational Excellence

Energy and Waste Management

– Energy Reduction: We reduce emissions by managing energy use, such as turning off lights and equipment, regulating heating, and ensuring proper insulation.
– Maximize Recycling: We optimise recycling programs to minimise waste.
– Waste Minimization: We focus on reducing and reusing non-clinical products where feasible and minimising clinical waste.
– Awareness and Education: We raise awareness about sustainable practices among staff and patients.

Resource Conservation

– Paper Reduction: We minimise paper use by transitioning to digital forms and records.
– Water Conservation: We actively reduce water consumption.
– Legislative Compliance: We adhere to all relevant environmental legislation and codes of practice.
– Resource Management: We minimise dental materials, gas, paper, and other consumables and encourage staff to utilise recycling facilities.

Local Dental Laboratory

A significant part of our sustainability initiative includes operating our dental laboratory. By producing dental appliances and prosthetics in-house, we reduce our carbon footprint associated with transportation and ensure high-quality, environmentally responsible products. This local production minimises waste and maximises efficiency, contributing to our sustainability goals.

At Banning Dental Group, our commitment to corporate responsibility ensures we operate with integrity, care, and a vision for a sustainable future. We are dedicated to creating a positive impact on our community and the environment, smile by smile, generation by generation.

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